Work and Travel in New Zealand – how does it work?

New Zealand is one of the dream destinations par excellence. If you want to travel the country as long and as intensively as possible, then Work and Travel is the right option. Work and Travel – that sounds like you can combine the good with the useful: gradually you explore the unique diversity of New Zealand, and save money by working against free food and lodging (and sometimes a small wage). Whether as a harvest helper on a winery or an avocado plantation or as a walking guide in a hostel – many jobs provide a great opportunity to get to know the country and its people, making the Work and Travel trip a unique experience.Everything to organizeInternational Drivers License, Tax Number, a working holiday visa, flights: If you are thinking about going to work and travel in New Zealand, you have a lot to organize. An important question usually arises right at the beginning: Do I accept the offer of an agency that helps with the organization, or do I organize the journey myself? Given the many things that need to be organized, help from an organization sounds tempting, but it’s not cheap. There are many websites on the internet that help with the organization – we especially recommend the information portal, which provides good checklists for the organization and a lot of general information. And, of course, there are many online forums where travelers can get advice on more complicated issues. Working on the Avocado Farm or Kiwi Plants To give you a brief overview of what you need for Work and Travel in New Zealand, here is a small incomplete list: Just like any big one Traveling requires vaccinations and a passport, plus a working holiday visa, an international driver’s license, a New Zealand bank account and a New Zealand tax code. Get a first overview here. The costs should be well calculated: Although you can earn money by working, of course, travel expenses still remain. With flights, visa fees, hostel and transport costs and the compulsory car purchase in New Zealand come quickly several thousand euro together, also despite work. While at the travel part of the journey already from the homeland very well desired goals or preferential routes can arrange, is the work Part often with a question mark: What exactly am I supposed to work there? And how can I get the jobs? Typical work and travel jobs can be found in the tourism industry, such as waiters in cafés or cleaning and reception in hostels, or in agriculture: plants cultivate at wineries, apple or kiwi plantations or goods packaging in the warehouse. Wages are an alternative to more monotonous paid jobs is the so-called Wwoofen, which stands for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and fun as Willing Workers on Organic Farms referred to as. There is no reward here, but free food and lodging on an organic farm. It can often be worthwhile taking on one’s own initiative to find a job. Agencies and hostels often provide jobs or provide black boards with job opportunities, but those who put together their own advance application documents such as cover letter or CV, often has good chances to find a more attractive job. In any case, you need a New Zealand tax number and visa. Basically, the freedom to have everything in your own hands is the disadvantage and the advantage of a work and travel trip – and what you often do not feel right in your home country After a few days in the holiday destination, it soon becomes normal. Thus, a work and travel trip is always a small game of chance and requires the willingness to sometimes handle bad experiences or problem situations. Those who accept this, however, can be richly rewarded.


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