How to use Siri on MacOS

As you may have heard, Siri finally found her way to the MacOS. If you own an iPhone, you’re probably already familiar with Siri and know what they can do to help you by using voice commands. Here’s what Siri can do to help you from your Mac: What can Siri do? Weather I asked Siri what the weather is like in different parts of the world, and she has made accurate forecasts so far. News Siri has absolutely received the messages I requested. Recipes Ask Siri for the recipe for her favorite dish and she will search the web and return relevant search results to choose from. Open Applications and Programs I asked Siri to open Excel for me, but she failed. She replied that I did not have Microsoft Excel installed on my Mac and suggested that I should search the App Store for it. I have Excel installed on my Mac. , , Well, maybe because I did not say “Open Microsoft Excel “, so Siri did not deliver this time. My assumption was proven because when I asked Siri to open Microsoft Excel instead, it was a success. I then asked Siri to open photos, which is a native MacOS app, and it worked without problems. Siri has also opened Launchpad at my request. It seems that Siri knows how to open everything that’s built into the MacOS without getting a headache. She also opened the Steam app, and all I said was “Siri, open Steam.” “Siri opened Tweetbot, my Mac Twitter desktop client, without further thought. (Side note: I really want the Xbox One Game of Thrones theme!) Music I tried to ask Siri to open iTunes, and also told her to play music from a particular artist, including my iTunes library opened and started to play what I requested. When I asked Siri to open Pandora, she told me that I did not have the app and would check if the App Store had it. I then asked her to open Pandora in a web browser, but she missed it there as well. It seems like the only music application Siri wants to open is iTunes. Internet Browser When I asked Siri to open the Opera web browser or the Google Chrome web browser I installed on my MacBook, it gave me web search results for Opera and Chrome instead. When she asked Siri to open Safari, she did just that Same. Planning Events Although I had to repeat myself a few times, I had Siri schedule a birthday event on my calendar, but she did not give it up the way I wrote it. However, my experiment at least shows that events can be added to your calendar via Siri. Open Folder Siri can and opens folders that are already on your Mac. That was one of the tasks she did not have. Siri fulfilled the above list of tasks with a largely successful outcome, though some seemed difficult to understand. I guess I can hang her a little bit because she’s just a human. , , or not.Siri Summary While Siri can be a helpful assistant on MacOS, sometimes she can be a bit frustrating. It will open Apple applications and programs correctly and ask them to open things like “other” web browsers that are not Safari, proving to them a difficult task, at least at the time of writing. We can see where Siri can be useful for simpler tasks, such as getting weather information and news. However, when planning events and opening a non-native MacOS web browser, it becomes less annoying and easier to just take the extra time and effort and do it for yourself. What is your favorite activity with which Siri can help you ?


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