How to use Siri on your iPhone – dummies

Siri on your iPhone stands by your human counterpart, the executive assistant. After connecting with Siri, you may be wondering what you have ever done without her. Here’s a partial list of things that Siri can help you with: Making a phone call Schedule a meeting Open apps on your iPhone Write and read messages Receive voice mail Adjust iPhone settings such as screen brightness or Do Not Disturb Assign the weather forecast Find a Restaurant and Apply for Reservations Use Find My Friends to view the people you know. hang around Find the nearest cinema, say what’s being played, and buy tickets Music playback Write your shopping list Set up reminders To use Siri, you’ll need to complete the following steps first. While in Settings, you can customize some of the Siri settings: Tap Settings → General → Siri. Tap On to turn Siri on. Customize your optional settings. Choose one of the following options: Tap Language, and then tap the language that you want to speak to Siri. Tap on Gender and decide if you want a male or female assistant. Tap Voice feedback to specify whether Siri should always repeat what you say. The default setting is only when you are in speakerphone mode, that is, when talking to Siri while holding the headset, Bluetooth device, or iPhone to your ear. My info tells Siri who you are. Tap and Contacts will open. Choose your card. Siri also uses people you refer to as related to better understand your commands. Raise to Speak is a great way to make Siri public. Tap on. If your iPhone is awake, hold the iPhone upright when the screen is locked and then hold it to your ear. You will hear two quick beeps to let you know that Siri is ready to listen. Speak your request. Swipe right or tap General, then tap Settings in the upper-left corner to return to the main Settings screen. You can also press the Home button to return to the Home screen.


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