How to use headphones for iphone: 11 steps (with photos)

Apple hearing aids and Apple-internal hearing aids can do more than just play music. These special headphones come with a small remote control built into the cable, which is very useful for talking on the phone and sending songs. It’s also incredibly easy to use! You can get the most out of Apple’s internal hearing aids or headphones by learning the features of your remote. Method 1 Make or receive voice calls1 Start Siri to make a call. For this you need to use Siri to make a call with your headphones. After placing headphones in the ears, Siri begins by pressing the middle button and holding down, they say, “Call Andrew” to call the contact on the phone, which is registered with the name “Andrew”. If you do not have Siri, you will need to use your iPhone directly to make a call.2 Answer an incoming call by pressing the center button on the remote control. You do not have to hold it down, but you need to press it once to answer the call. To reject an incoming call, press and hold the center button for two seconds. If you hear two beeps, the call is diverted to a voice mailbox. If you want to make a call and answer a second call, press the center button once. If you wish, you can repeat the first call by pressing the central button again. This technique allows you to exchange calls as often as you like.3 Adjust the volume. You can use the plus (+) button on the remote control to increase the volume of the headphones and microphone. Also, use the minus (-) button to decrease the volume.4 End the call by pressing the center button. If you want to end the call, the call is ended when you press the center button. If you cut the call because you received a new one, you can end the current call and move it directly to the new call if you have the middle one Press the button down for two seconds (while still holding the first call). This interrupts the first call and connects you to the second call. Method 2Control your music or podcasts1 Play a song or podcast in the music application. When the headphones are plugged into your iPhone’s headphone jack, open the Music app and play an audio track.2 Adjust the volume of the audio. Press the plus (+) button on the remote control built into the cable of your hearing aids to increase the volume. To decrease the volume, press the minus (-) button. 3 Pause the song by pressing the center button. Press the button only once to pause the song temporarily. Start the song again by pressing the center button again.4 Go to the next track by pressing the middle button twice quickly. Think of this action as a double-click as you would with a mouse when opening a program on the computer.5 Redirect the track within the same song or podcast. Press the center button twice and hold it down a second time to move the track forward within the same song. To pause the song, release the center button.6 Reverse the track in the same song or podcast. This function is similar to advancing a track, but this time you have to press the center button (fast) three times, and then hold down the button on the third click. Release the key if you want to stop the rewind of the track.7 Jump to the previous song or podcast. You can hear the previously heard song by pressing the center button three times.TipsThese functions are not always available in all applications.You can use Siri when you press the center button on the remote control when you are not on the phone or listening to an audio track. Besides starting Siri, the functions of the software are the same as those without headphones. Partager sur les réseaux sociaux: Connexes


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