How to use iPhone speakers

Handsfree is a commonly used feature that allows an iPhone phone call to play sound through the unit’s speakers rather than through the earpiece or headset alone. Many people use hands-free equipment as a method of hands-free phone use when their hands are busy with other tasks, or even to allow a telephone call to be heard by several people in a room. Handsfree talking on the iPhone is very easy to use, but if you’re new to the iPhone platform, you may not know how it works, how to turn on speakerphone, and how to turn it off. Many iPhone users probably already know how to use handsfree, so obviously this article is not for you if you are skilled in this stuff. Instead, it is aimed at newer and novice iPhone users who are less familiar with some of the features of the device. You can make a call and immediately put it on handsfree, or you can always make an active call on the handsfree on the iPhone. However you want to use it, accessing the feature is easy and the same. You can also deactivate the handsfree function at any time. Let’s look at how you perform both actions. How to use hands-free calling on iPhone phone calls Turning on hands-free calling on the iPhone is easy and works on virtually any iPhone ever made. Here’s what you need to do: Make a call on the iPhone as usual, using either the Phone app or the Contacts app. If the call is either dialed or currently active, look at the iPhone screen with the iPhone active phone call Tap the Speaker button on the screen to put the iPhone in handsfree mode. It is highlighted to indicate that the speaker is active That’s it, your iPhone is now using handsfree mode. The iPhone now plays all the audio from the phone call through the device’s external speakers, not the headphones. You can also use handsfree mode with a FaceTime audio call from an iPhone, if desired, it works the same way. Note that if you’re on the phone app’s screen when you’re on a phone call, if you’re on the home screen or in an app, you’ll need to return to the phone app to transfer the call to the speakerphone make or disable the speakerphone for that matter. How to Disable Hands-Free on iPhone Disabling Hands-Free on iPhone is just as easy. You can turn off the speakerphone at any time when a call comes in, or when a phone call is already in progress and you want to deactivate the handsfree mode. If you have an active phone call, look at the iPhone screen Tap the Speaker button so it is no longer highlighted to turn off speakerphone You can turn the speakerphone on or off at any time during each active phone call. This also works for a regular phone call or a FaceTime Audio VOIP call. The iPhone has a few other interesting hands-free usability tricks up your sleeve. For example, you can start handsfree phone calls on the iPhone instantly and hands-free using Siri, and you can also configure the iPhone to use the speakerphone automatically instead of playing the audio through the earpiece. These two functions are wonderful for many obvious reasons, be it for hands-free calls, for accessibility purposes, or even if you prefer to use only the hands-free feature and this is the default calling mode. Well, if you did not know it before, you now know how to use hands-free calling on the iPhone by turning it on or off for your phone calls. Do you have any handy hands-free tips on the iPhone? Share it with us in the comments below!


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