How to invest in nanotechnology –

Nanotechnology – conjures up the word of images of a science fiction future when man and machine are one and we can print products and “print” them onto our nano-printers as we print text on paper today. Realistically, we are still a long way from such a future, but nanotechnology shows a promising one. The creation of things like molecular machines would have tremendous economic benefits for companies that can use them effectively. The payouts can be great, but at the moment most of the research nanotechnology companies are speculative. Instructions 1 Decide what type of investment you would like to make. There are a variety of opportunities in nanotechnology including investing in stocks of individual companies, the mutual funds weighted towards nanotechnology and much more recently an ETF that also aims to track the value of nanotechnology. Each of these vehicles investment is different, and you are encouraged to research to find the one that best suits your strategy. In this example, we invest $ 5,000 in the Powershares Lux Nanotech ETF, a conservative way to play the nanotechnology investment (see Resources below). 2 Log in to log your broker or online brokerage account. If calling your broker, just ask $ 5,000 to invest in Powershares Lux Nanotech ETF. You may also ask to advise you on other nanotech investment ideas. 3 If you are using an online brokerage such as Loyalty or Etrade, sign in and click “Trade “. Enter the ticker symbol for Powershares Lux Nanotech ETF (PXN) and your investment amount. Since this is an ETF (exchange traded funds), there is no minimum investment amount. You can see the current price of PXN on your preferred financial website or placement page. 4 After submitting the trade, you will receive the confirmation from your brokerage. 5 Observe exactly your investment. Track your investment. Decide how much you are willing to lose or win and set a sell limit order. This is the price at which your investment ends when things get mad. Ask your mediation to set up a limit order. Tips & Warnings As nanotechnology is a new technology, it is a risky investment. Make sure and do your homework. Most financial advisors recommend a balanced portfolio to hedge risks.


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