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Work-life balance is on everyone’s lips. But is it really possible to make a career while enjoying your private life? The opinions are shared. Work-life balance – buzzword or reality? Life, but above all work, has undergone massive changes in recent decades. While it was still acceptable to enjoy life in the early and mid-twentieth centuries, if you had done something in your job, today it can certainly lead to doubting looks and snappy comments unless you have the much-vaunted 110 Percent brings. However, social life has not changed, whether in private or professional life, but also in the image of the German labor market. The times of an industrialized nation are over and are changing more and more in favor of the service industry. So it seems only natural that the habits change, the way in which one combines private and professional. The often quoted “Nine to Five” -Job is still there, but very often it’s about 40 hours or more a week, at least if you want to count to the select circle of employees who are not just about a good “standing” in the company, but also want to do something. The average, the mediocrity, is no longer enough. True to the motto “Higher, faster, further” is exploitation of your own body and ultimately operated on private life. Living in harmony with work The work-life balance, a model that allows one to live in harmony with work and the private, to unite all that seems incompatible, has become a household name, not one only managers and lifestyle gurus say something. While the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) has found that there is no single method to measure the individual “work-life balance”, but an individual approach is necessary, which depends on many factors However, age, gender and type of occupation seem to make this model much more appropriate in some sectors than others. In a 2007 study by the Harvard Business Manager magazine, which surveyed around 250 senior and middle managers, the work-life balance is much more successful in the media, electrical, and pharmaceutical industries accumulated problems in the construction industry, the management consultancy and the automotive industry. However, it was consistently stated that the work-life balance is a very individual approach, which depends primarily on good self-management and stress management, and secondarily on the corporate culture, followed by family support. The study states, “However, we have found that managers over the age of 45 have better control over their work-life balance than younger executives. On the one hand, this is certainly related to their more relaxed private situation, as their children are often already out of the house. On the other hand, older people have developed strategies to ward off too frequent disruptions. With them, the mobile phone stays switched off more often, while young managers are most welcome to be available around the clock. “Young, dynamic and always available The problem is that young employees, no matter which hierarchical level, show much more enthusiasm and zeal for work In the face of ever-increasing competition, it seems only natural. That it can be done differently, however, was proven by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in a large-scale experiment. The conviction that all employees are constantly available has been questioned collectively. The BCG consultants rewarded this by releasing themselves a great deal more often, resulting in a significant increase in the quality of the work. The new corporate philosophy continued in an open dialogue between the employees and the improved communication also initiated new, more efficient and effective work processes. Treat yourself to breaks People work better when they take breaks when they do not have a 60-hour week. Why many companies prefer, perhaps even expect, their employees to be constantly available seems to be as individual a philosophy as the “work-life balance”.


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