How Instagram works: A little introduction

Practical tips Android The social media channel Instagram is becoming increasingly popular and almost everyone is more or less active in the photo and video sharing platform. We explain how Instagram works and the first important steps with the app. The social media app InstagramInstagram is a photo and video-heavy social network. Using the Android and iOS app, you can take pictures and videos from your smartphone, edit them with filters, and then upload them to the network to share with your friends. The app was created in 2010, grew rapidly and was eventually bought by Facebook in early 2012 for about one billion US dollars. User numbers are now over 300 million. The network relies almost exclusively on the apps for the smartphone. An access in the conventional browser on the home PC is possible only with very limited functions. In the Windows 10 operating system, however, Instagram can also be downloaded as an app, where it can use almost all the features of the mobile app. Download the app and start immediately.After downloading you have to create a profile – optionally with some information and a profile photo. The app is clearly arranged: In addition to the central photo function, you can view the photos of all subscribed contacts in the central, constant stream. Find friends and follow you. You can also search for special tags and terms: This will give you regular updates on topics such as “sunset ” or z. B. also “beach”. Upload your own photos and collect followers. Be creative. Use the easy-to-set filters for photos and videos. B. your party photo to the nostalgic Polaroid print. Among other things, you can also frame the image and edit it in many other ways. You can also link the app to other social media channels, like Facebook, and post your photos there – directly from the Instagram app. The use of the Instagram app on the PC is only possible with Windows 10. (Image: Pixabay) What’s new on Instagram? Instagram developers are releasing new features for the app on a regular basis. Here are the latest news: IGTV previews in the feed: To get a first impression of a video without switching to IGTV (Instagram TV), a preview of the IGTV videos is now displayed in the feed. Voice Messages in the Direct Messages: As has long been possible with Whatsapp, voice messages can now be sent on Instagram in the Direct Messages. To do this, press and hold the microphone icon for the entire length of the message. Sharing stories with close friends: The “tight friends list ” has been around Instagram for a while now. What is new is that you can now share certain stories only with the friends in this list. Whether you see a story that’s only shared with a “tight friends list” is indicated by a green sign or green ring around the person’s profile picture. Share Netflix series in Stories: Anyone who uses Netflix via the iOs app can now share series and movies directly in the Insta story. So you can give your friends tips for good series and movies. If the person who sees the story also installs the Netflix app, they can go directly to the series or movie via the “Watch ” button. Shopping cart: The shopping function on Instagram has been around for a good year now. What’s new, however, is the personal shopping cart on Instagram, where you can “collect” products from shopping articles directly within the app. Nametags: Friends can now be easily added via nametags. The tags are easily scanned, making it easier to find and add accounts. GIFs in Direct Messages: Another feature that has been around for a long time in other messenger apps is sending GIFs in direct messages. To do this, tap the GIF button in a direct message and look for the GIF you want in the GIPHY database to send it. Shopping in the Stories: Lately there is also the possibility to incorporate shopping options into the stories. This was previously only possible in the feed. Music in Instagram Stories: In the Instagram stories, there is now a music sticker, with which you can give his story background music or a soundtrack. The story will then display the title of the song and the name of the artist. “Focus Filter “: When you take a picture and select the “Focus ” filter, it automatically detects faces in the picture and focuses them. The background is blurred. This creates a depth of field effect. “Last online ” function: The direct messages now show when the …


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