How does permanent hair removal with SHR laser work?

Permanent hair removal with laser as a solution against unwanted body hair: annoying hairs on the legs, under the armpits or in the genital area bring some woman, and also some man, to despair. Due to the constant shaving the skin remains permanently irritated. In the worst case it comes to injuries or an inflammatory process. Using cold or hot wax strips, hair removal also becomes a painful procedure. The same applies to epilation. In order to relieve the unpleasant feeling of the tiny tweezers, before applying this depilatory method you can cream the skin with a local anesthetic ointment, but nevertheless a piquant feeling remains and as soon as the hair regrows, the skin itches. To circumvent these inconveniences, sufferers want a longer lasting and painless hair removal method, such as permanent SHR hair removal with OmniMed Laser. The laser beams of the device soil the hair roots gently by heat. In a few sessions, men and women fulfill the dream of gentle, hairless skin. OmniMed: Permanent Laser Hair Removal by Experts Especially in the summertime, trendsetters want a smooth and supple skin. This looks neat and soft. For gentle hair removal, for example, contact the OmniMed Aesthetics Clinic in Eisenstadt, Klagenfurt or Linz for permanent laser hair removal. At all three locations, the physicians offer you an effective method to eliminate body hair quickly and permanently. Laser Hair Removal Techniques for OmniMed The treatment uses a Class IV medical laser as an example. This one is from Alma Lasers. OmniMed experts use the following laser systems for laser hair removal: the Alma Soprano ICE Platinum & the Alma Soprano The Alma Soprano ICE Platinum is an innovative laser that is especially suitable for hair removal. OmniMed uses the model as one of the first ordinations in German-speaking countries. The latest generation laser system combines effects of three effective wavelengths. These cover 755 nm, originating from the alexandrite laser, 810 nm from the diode laser. The third setting is 1,064 nanometers. This uses the Nd: YAG laser. The different wavelengths make it possible to eliminate different structures in the area of ​​the hair roots. Furthermore, using the laser system, it is possible to remove superficial and deeper hair follicles. Through the practical combination, patients benefit from fast and effective hair removal. In addition, the laser Amla Soprano ICE exists. This is considered one of the safest hair removal laser. For this purpose, the diode laser has an alexandrite wavelength. This makes it possible to gently and effectively treat the hairs on legs, armpits or other body parts. In the category “Best Hair Removal” the Soprano ICE won the “Aesthetic Industry Award 2015”. The award indicates the high quality of the laser system. If you decide for a treatment with the diode laser, you do not need to worry about pain. Painless & permanent hair removal with SHR Super Hair Removal – abbreviated SHR: The name stands for a gentle and painless hair removal. Alma Lasers developed the special treatment method. In SHR hair removal, the special in-motion technique (continuous movement of the handpiece) in combination with 360 ° ICE contact cooling ensures gentle treatment and removal of unwanted body hairs. But even the ability to treat dark or tanned skin and permanent hair removal so all year round to perform, is a special feature. The experts at OmniMed do not expose their hair to a high energy impulse, because this could cause heat to develop which, in the worst case, damages the surrounding tissue. In permanent hair removal using SHR, pulses of low energy repeatedly penetrate the hair roots. As a result, the buildup of heat occurs gradually. The heat rises continuously to the target temperature, which effectively eradicates the hair follicles. The gentle method effectively prevents the regrowth of unwanted body hair. The surrounding skin does not come into contact with the laser pulses. Consequently, patients need not fear burns or other damage to the tissue. The experts at OmniMed have already subjected several laser systems and hair removal methods to a detailed test. They opted for SHR laser hair removal because this method / technology combines effectiveness and gentleness. Especially people with sensitive skin look for laser hair removal for fear of pain and risk. They are afraid that the energy impulses will leave irreparable damage to the epidermis. With the SHR method, this worry remains unfounded. This is an innovative technology that meets the highest quality standards. When laser hair removal with the SHR method threaten no unpleasant sensations. That’s why the patients come to the OmniMed specialists without fear. Before these begin with a laser hair removal, they conduct a preliminary discussion with the interested parties. In this, they learn how the session runs and …


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