How do foam soundproofing work? (Noise, sound insulation)

Hello everybody, you surely know this black sound insulation made of foam with these pyramids on it. How exactly do they work? I have a computer that has some loud fans. The main sound comes from the back and the left part of the PC. Since the PC is in a corner, is on each side of the loud comes a wall. Would it bring something in each case a sound insulation plate to the wall left beside the pc and behind the pc to attach? Theoretically, the sound would not reflect so much anymore and would rather be absorbed, i. it would be quieter or? Thank you in advance 🙂 1 Answer Sort by: try it out temporarily: attach something soft at the places in question with a “fluffy ” surface (blanket, carpet leftovers, thick towels, etc.). And then judge for yourself whether that brings an acoustic effect compared to the initial situation. Acoustically, the temporaries seem so similar to these sound absorbers, so an effect will be, if the “disturbing” sound has the properties against which such an absorber helps. And that’s where the sticking point lies: “Sound ” is not the same “sound “, and these absorber mats are not a panacea to any kind. If it fits, that’s fine, but there are also constellations that do not work at all , Similar questions Room very noisy. What to do? Hey Ho dear community, I’m in Teamspeak very often, but I also often record. If I could love going through every day, if not a problem who. My parents in the living room just hear everything when I’m just a little louder, and that’s not so good. Hence my question: what can I do to prevent this? Does it help, for example, if I hang foam on the wall next to me, for example, pyramids, because the sound should be intercepted and it does not get through so much, I have no idea, could be that I’m just talking shit. Anyway, I hope you can help me! LG Noel … to the question sound to the bedroom of my parents dam? In the near future, my parents will soon renovate their bedroom and repaint it etc, while in the room next door I will do the same. However, my parents and I have a problem, and the wall between us is very thin and directly on the wall to the wall My parents room is my desk with my pc and my boxes. Whether the volume is minimal and the bass is off, they hear almost every little thing and that really bothers a lot! That’s why we thought about just buying something that reduced the sound. However, honestly, I do not know what to do, as there is a wide choice and I do not know exactly what is right. Bubble foam is not the right thing as it dampens only the Hall if I’m not completely mistaken .. That’s why I have further researched and encountered the following: & On the same homepage: esterfoam & composite foam I am not sure if it is the right one, but I think it is what I am looking for .. Now my question to you: What is the difference between the 3 materials? (Does anyone know one and can tell me which of them should I buy?) Many thanks in advance =) … to the question Room door dam sound insulation? Hi. I would like to hear that I do not hear so much from myself when I talk on the PC in my recording room, nor do I want to hear other people in the recording who are not in this room. The structure of the room is actually quite simple, walls are made of lime sandstone ceiling and floor are made of concrete, so it can not lie to it. The room door is in my opinion the problem, normal hardware store door with a large keyhole and whistling underneath the wind. Actually, I do not want to change anything at the door, I’ve been wondering if there may not be a curtain or the same one that absorbs the sound? I need something that is easy to assemble and what you can dismantle easily, furthermore, the whole thing should not be too expensive. You just should not hear me outside my room! … to the question


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