What are the best supplements to naturally boost testosterone?

The only way is to change your psychological settings. Nothing else matters: food, physical training, etc. Those are secondary.I guarantee that you can have your testosterone level go through the roof even while on a diet of mulch if you have proper psychological settings. Does working out help? It depends. If you have healthy hormonal background and good background in fitness, it will. Otherwise, it will not.The same goes for nutrition. You can eat as many zinc pills as you want, but they will not cause a higher level of testosterone, unless, of course, you were severely deficient in zinc in the first place. In that case, you may see a slight upswing.That said, how does one change the psychological settings? It is a complicated issue and I give entire webinars on that. In short, you need to examine and revamp the entire informational intake. That is, since testosterone is a male hormone, the only way to increase it is to start doing manly things. Listen to manly music, decrease your interaction with females (note that I did not say women as those are rare nowadays).Another important thing is to do something uncomfortable every day. Do something that really sucks in your opinion. If you are afraid of heights, open a browser tab now and sign up for a parachute jump. If you are afraid of talking to women, do not come back home until you talk to 20 different women. Hopefully you get the idea. Go for a run in a blizzard with naked torso (you will not freeze … or you might, but who cares? just do it!).How does one know that a man has high testosterone levels? In short, your intellect will go through the roof. Do not mistake testosterone for the hormone of aggression. It is nothing of the sort. Young people who act like monkeys (those Arabs and Syrians harassing German women in public a few months ago come to mind) are not full of testosterone. Instead, they are just retarded and of extremely low intellect. On the contrary, when one has testosterone, it gives him a deep and silent confidence in everything he does. What’s more, the man becomes extremely focused on his goals. He will resemble an ocean attacking rocks on the shore and persisting until he turns them into sand. THAT is TESTOSTERONE.Lastly, when your testosterone is high, you will actually lose interest in most women. You will see most of them as trash and will only seek those of high value (read, feminine). On the other hand, 90% of women will eat and undress you alive with their eyes everywhere you go. They can smell it. Literally.P.S. Lastly, one important piece is to start abstaining from sex. In fact, start abstaining from as many sexual distractions as possible. Do not look at those asses in yoga pants and other overexposed female body parts. It is (literally) bad for your health. You do not have to believe me. Go and read up on how the male body responds to those. Now, consider that you get those stimuli 100 times a day in modern life. Since you are not fornicating with those women, your body experiences a severe stress. This will cause all kinds of problems, one of which is actually low testosterone.

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