What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Paris? What should you try while you’re there?

Hi, traveller!While in Paris, sample the wine, of course. But, Paris is so much more than simple wine and cheese. Paris is a place where not just people, art, and food converge to form a cosmopolitan city full of colour and pomp.SeptimeGetting a table is that hard. But it’s worth the wait. The Wizards in Bertrand Grébaut’s kitchen keep the menu simple; just three ingredients describing the dish, but oh boy, the culinary surprises. It is safe to say that they are pleasant.Bouillon RacineBuilt in 1906 to feed the market workers, it is famous for its age old recipe for cooking pork. Don’t forget to try the scallops and shrimps with lobster coulis. Finish off with a nice traditional sherbet.Frenchie:Frenchie Bar à Vins doesn’t believe in reservations, no. You write your name on the sheet of paper strung outside and wait for your name to be called. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?Yam’Tcha:How about a non-original fusion of the Cantonese and French cuisine? Fried squid with sweet-potato noodles. You like? Yam’Tcha is the place to be.More restaurants you can look out for in Paris right down in this itinerary. Check it out!A little about ourselves: We are Pickyourtrail – a 3 year old travel platform that aims to change the way people travel. Our travel platform is a unique experience for those wanting the independence of making your own vacation plus the insights that we have to offer.

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