What is Work and Travel? Definition, organizations, countries + tips

If you are curious about the world and you want to get to know a foreign country more profoundly and longer than a package tourist, but you do not have the necessary change for an extensive stay or language travel, then the possibility of Work and Travel is recommended to you. In the following we explain to you what Work and Travel is, how it works and what features you should pay attention to. CONTENTS What is Work and Travel? Work and Travel Organizations Which Work and Travel Land suits me? Work and Travel Info and Tips Conclusion 1. What is Work and Travel? Work and Travel – or even work and travel – is a form of travel where, unlike other types of travel, you earn the financial means to travel through odd jobs. The Work and Travel definition further states that the purpose of this journey is to get to know each country, culture and language. The workandtravel mentality is especially popular with young adults who are considering work and travel after, for example, an apprenticeship (or high school diploma). It is a good alternative to other typical overseas jobs, such as an au pair, where you have a host family and are usually tied to one place. How does Work and Travel work? If you have decided on a work travel, one of the questions is where the adventure trip should go. We will help you with this in chapter 3. You also need to meet some requirements for Work and Travel: In some countries you need a Travel and Work visa (better known as Working Holiday visa or J1 visa for the US) for longer stays. This is usually issued if the following conditions are met: Work and Travel Age between 18 and 30 years of German citizenship, if you are from Germany Languages ​​of the destination country (usually at the beginning of the year abroad for the Work and Travel still a language course to refresh offered) bilateral agreement between Germany and your Work and Travel country (except South Africa) early registration of the Work and Travel, as usually only a certain contingent of visas is awarded Visumkosten usually have to be borne by yourself Work and Travel Insurance: A health insurance is also Duty, at best, a liability and accident insurance. You can cancel or leave the German health insurance because you do not pay any contributions during the stay abroad. Instead, you can take advantage of special offers (long-term travel health insurance). If you opt for an organization (see Chapter 2), these are often included for a small monthly amount. Work and Travel Tasks: Your tasks can be very different during a Work and Travel stay. For example, entertainer jobs, call center employees or even farm work are popular. The work and travel earnings are just as different as the tasks are: you can receive a simple payment or work for free, but free food and lodging (for example, volunteer work in environmental or animal welfare, in the social field). How you distribute work and travel is usually up to you. Work and Travel Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages Work and Travel Disadvantages Work and Travel Working and staying longer makes it possible to get to know the country and the culture more deeply. Maximum tourist age of 30-35 years Visas for many visas Relatively free stay arrangement Due to the many trips In the country you get to know more places and regions Time spent pushing back your career or further education Working makes it possible to improve your language skills much better, which opens up completely different perspectives, as if you were a tourist High planning effort regarding jobs, accommodation, Food, transport; just when you travel without organization: as a package traveler you would rather have a relaxing holiday Also by the average lengthy stay over several months and communication with locals the language skills are enormously improved Autonomy and perseverance are especially important when looking for a job locally The longer stay also allows Establish friendships with other travelers or locals Insecurity about the future – usually only a few weeks in advance to be planned Personal development in terms of flexibility, tolerance, acceptance and understanding of other cultures Support of organizations are often inadequate locally 2. Work and Travel Organizations Let’s introduce you to three Work and Travel organizations. Backpackerpack Backpackerpack combines the advantages of stays that you can book through an organization, with the benefits of individual planning and execution. We especially like that the idea comes from our own experiences with …


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