What is a VPN tunnel and how do I set it up?

We all know a tunnel. You drive into a dark tube, you can not see it from the outside and at the beginning do not know where we are coming from. Similarly, a VPN tunnel works – but very different. A Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short, is usually truly private and ensures that a closed corporate network enables encrypted and secure communication between employees. But meanwhile VPN has another meaning, which gets bigger and bigger thanks to some snooping scandals. For a fee, special VPN providers offer their services. And they provide a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel for this money. To the topic: HideMyAss Alternatives at a glanceHow does a VPN tunnel work? Not for nothing is the comparison with a tunnel not so wrong. An unwanted observer sits outside in front of a mountain. Someone enters a tunnel in the mountain and from that moment on the observer does not know what the hiker is doing there, which way he is going or where he is coming out. And he should not even. Commercial VPN tunnels work similarly. From his computer, you make contact with a VPN server via an encrypted connection. You send all the page requests and Internet addresses that you want to visit. The server passes on these requests and accepts the incoming data. The visited website does not see the true IP address of the visitor, but that of the VPN server. Then the server hands us the data – again via an encrypted connection. Between our computer and the website, the traffic is thus invisible to observers from outside. We can do our banking business via this tunnel, enter access data on websites, send mails or chat. An outsider does not get this directly. However, the effects are very much inaudible. Because it does not matter that the website considers me as a Romanian server. If I log in with my name to a mail provider or Facebook, then there is in the log files: User Max Mustermann has logged in correctly at 17:15 clock with the password. On what the websites log, I have no influence and can not hide it even with a VPN. How do I set up a VPN tunnel? There are several ways to configure Windows to use a VPN tunnel to connect to the Internet. The most direct option is to set up a new Internet connection in the Windows Network and Sharing Center and to select the option of a VPN here. If you got the corresponding access data, the facility is a matter of minutes. Somewhat more complicated is the setup with a VPN client such as OpenVPN. Here virtual network drivers are installed and you also need the access data of a VPN provider. Often, however, the same as a preconfigured package made available. Such as the commercial VPN provider CyberGhost VPN. As a customer, you can download special configuration settings for OpenVPN there and then log in with my username and password. But here comes the third and simplest way to carry anyway. The VPN access via a special VPN client. CyberGhost provides its own client as a download, which makes all the necessary settings and also ensures that the browser is closed before logging in. Take a special offer with Cyberghost now! * CyberGhost is based in Romania and uses encrypted servers all over the world. You can pay the cheap service easily via Paypal, credit card, Sofortüberweisung, bank transfer and even direct debit. Support is also in German. Once the client has been installed and started, all you have to do is log in with your access data and wait until the corresponding icon gives the go-ahead. And from now on, any connection to the Internet will be made via this VPN tunnel. Whether in the browser, via Skype, email program or webcam. And that means that the observers are out there and the Internet traffic is no longer just watching Sun.You should also look at this provider because of it, because he has constantly special offers. For Black Friday gabs 3 years for 99 dollars and usually you will find there similar favorable actions. With a little luck, you will only pay 2.90 euros per month for two years!


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