What is CQM? – Extensive article on Chinese Quantum Method

Contents What is CQM? – Introduction to the Chinese Quantum Method CQM – Neutralize Energetic Weaknesses CQM Master Coach Sabrina Ihrig Gabriele Eckert How CQM Was Created Designing Your Life with CQM CQM – The Chinese Quantum Method by Gabriele Eckert Success 2.0 – Factor (Un) Consciousness Literature on CQM What is CQM? – Introduction to the Chinese Quantum Method Success 2.0The Factor (Un) ConsciousnessE-Book for 0 € The Chinese Quantum Method, CQM for short, is a fantastic method and can be used effectively alone or in addition to NLP. It is an extraordinary work for consciousness and combines Far Eastern wisdom with applied quantum physics. The founder of this method, Gabriele Eckert, demonstrates CQM in her seminars directly to people, to show that it is efficient to use. The basic idea of ​​CQM is to consider what keeps us humans from living the life we ​​want to live. We are constantly in energetic interaction with the people and their thoughts around us. We make an infinite number of decisions every day and are often unaware of them. For example, if we are connected to someone through a partnership and the one is angry, then we can usually feel that vibration even when he is not even close to us. Many of our unconscious decisions therefore have an impact on our environment, not just on family and friends, but also on areas such as work and health, making it sometimes harder for us to do. The Chinese Quantum Method, which anyone can learn, is about finding and neutralizing these unconscious choices. That is, to find the influences that prevent us from achieving what we want in our lives, to get rid of them so that they can not stop us from our goal. This means training for one’s own perception in order to engage in the own and the energy field of other persons. We bring our decisions and their causes into our consciousness in order to dissolve them energetically. In CQM, humans are the receivers of signals that block their own or a foreign energy system. To perceive the signals, the receiver must become aware of the signals. In order to pick up and correct the signals, it is not just about sharpening the awareness, but about the inward speaking of the two words: “I am correcting”. It sounds as simple as it is and everyone can learn and use it to benefit in the many areas of their lives. So without having certain skills, everyone is really capable of learning and applying CQM. This involves being able to examine the entire energy system of a person for energetic weaknesses in order to get to know the areas of life and levels of influence with the structured and detailed system and what else can be further causes for energetic weaknesses. The CQM is sustainable and contains neither rituals nor hypnosis and does not require any special philosophy. In addition, the deep-acting, energetic concept is optimally suited for self-application and application over long distances. The Chinese Quantum Method is therefore the tool that helps us in all areas of life to achieve more personal freedom and quality of life. CQM- Neutralizing Energetic Weaknesses To prevent our energetic weaknesses from doing things we do not want, we need to track them down and make them aware. For example, they prevent our motivational education or even lead us to stress and self-doubt. They are weaknesses that make us sick without our noticing it. So neutralization means a free flow of energy, if it is not, then we are forced into a reactive pattern. The Chinese Quantum Method helps us to find and eliminate these energetic weaknesses. Through CQM, humans are actively involved in resolving unwanted decisions and old patterns, ie leaving the role of victims and taking over power over one’s own thinking and acting. Neutralization focuses attention on just one energy weakness that you want to dissolve. It is about transforming this weakness into an energetic strength and to say in your mind: “Correct!”. Through this thought, our energy system is reorganized and the energy can flow freely again. Often, the effect on physical weaknesses is directly related to the thought. Where to start with the correction does not matter at all. Through the constant interaction …


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