VPN in China – despite everything Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & other websites use

Internet censorship prevails in China; the local authorities use the so-called “Great Firewall”. This means, among other things, that popular Western services are unreachable in China, such as Google, Facebook and YouTube. A complete list can be found on this Wikipedia page. With a suitable VPN for China, Chinese censorship can be bypassed. If you still want to use the blocked online services during your visit to China, VPN is the solution. A VPN disguises the content you access. Accordingly, the websites and services concerned can not be blocked. With a VPN, you bypass Internet censorship in China and can use the Internet as usual.Read here: Which VPN providers will work in China in 2019. Of course, China knows exactly how VPN providers try to circumvent Chinese censorship. Therefore, attempts are also being made to block these services completely in China. Since 2019, the operation of VPN services in China is prohibited. In recent months, China has also successfully blocked the use of VPN connections from multiple providers. As a result, some VPN services in China are no longer working or much slower. Fortunately, enough VPN vendors are actively seeking solutions to keep their service in China accessible. Here are the VPN vendors that still work in China. Among them are those who are actively trying to outwit “The Great Firewall”. Of course, this list of VPN providers that work in China is updated regularly. ExpressVPN perfect for ChinaProvider ExpressVPN repeatedly proves how serious it is with bypassing the “Great Firewall” in China. The VPN provider has so many servers that it is hardly possible to block them in the “Great Firewall” again and again. ExpressVPN has some other tricks to keep it working in China. The price of ExpressVPN is slightly higher, but this VPN service is always accessible in China. This allows you to access the Internet as usual, which is actually an impossibility. ExpressVPN is really great for China. Also in our list of the best VPN, this provider has long put first. To ExpressVPNNordVPN with Obfuscated ServersOn which alternative way you can access in China on Facebook, Google and Gmail, is on the website of NordVPN. Namely, China tries to hinder the use of a VPN by detecting VPN traffic and then breaking the entire connection. NorthVPN, on the other hand, works with obfuscated servers to disguise VPN traffic so that it is not recognized and therefore not blocked. And that seems to work very well. As users told us, the VPN connection worked as expected. The entire internet was accessible; And with almost no loss of speed.To NorthVPNHow does this “Great Firewall” work? The Chinese “firewall” causes the above sites are blocked throughout the country. As soon as someone in China enters the address Facebook.com in their address bar, only a blank screen appears in the browser. Sometimes even only certain parts of a website are blocked. The same happens if you try to use the apps for the mentioned service on your smartphone or tablet. The app just does not respond or indicates a network error. Interesting for Expats and Vacationers. Numerous expats are already using a VPN in China for family contact. Skype and Facebook are mostly blocked in China, and it is these services that are often used to stay in touch with each other. Many users also want to watch missed TV shows in China and series on Netflix. To access these platforms, you need a VPN connection. Travelers or expats want to continue sharing their photos and experiences on Facebook and Instagram. And of course you also want to be able to use your Gmail or Hotmail address there. Unfortunately, China blocks all of the above services. With a VPN, you can easily bypass such locks and just keep using these services. China tries to block many channels Social Media: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook in China As mentioned earlier, various Western social media in China are banned. This is annoying for anyone visiting or staying in China. Europeans in China, of course, want to share their adventures with their loved ones at home via Facebook and Instagram. Also, the contact with friends and family via WhatsApp is very important for many travelers to China. The Chinese internet censorship prevents all this. There is no official reason for this blocking. However, there is a strong belief that China wants to keep unwanted rural and political reports away from its residents. Fortunately, access to these social media is still possible with a VPN connection. Google, YouTube, and Gmail are also blocking popular Google services YouTube, Gmail and the search engine are in …


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