Use of chopsticks – China Information

In China, the tradition is that you eat with chopsticks. Not everyone can properly handle these long and thin wooden rods right from the start. It’s easier with a little exercise and some tips. Try, you will see! 1. Place the two chopsticks in the hollow formed by the thumb and forefinger of the right hand or the left hand for left-handed people. 2. Close the hand without forcing so that the chopsticks are supported at the top by the thumb. Major, ring and ear are automatically placed around chopsticks. The little finger must support the wand lying towards the body. This rod is also supported by the lower part of the thumb, which exerts a slight pressure. The second wand is slightly resting on the middle finger. It is also held by the index finger and the tip of the thumb. Only the top wand is mobile. By slightly bending the index finger, middle finger and thumb, it is now possible to grasp small bites as you would with a pair of pliers. SHARE ON FACEBOOK !


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