Using the sewing machine

Before you start making your first books, you will have to familiarize yourself with your machine. Nothing complicated, but if you do not want to tear your hair afterwards, this step is important! Here are some of the basics you will need and you will then have fun on your machine! 1st step before sewing with your machine: Learn how to thread the spool and set the bobbin. The thread of the spool is the upper thread, the one that will be visible at the time of your sewing. And the bobbin thread is the bottom thread. One tip: for stitching to be smooth, the bobbin thread should be of the same quality as the bobbin thread. And to know why we must adapt the needle to the fabric that we sew, it is by HERE! On some machines, threading the bobbin thread is done flat in a fixed can holder accessible on the top of the tray. On other machines, the bobbin is installed vertically in a detachable bobbin holder accessible on the front. We filmed you the 2 examples. Even if your sewing machine offers a multitude of different points, you will see that you will always use the same ones. With the few points that we present in this video you can get out of many situations! Select your point, of course, but adjust it according to what I want to do, the type of fabric etc? You’ll know while watching this video: how to select the point that interests you, and adjust its length or width to fit your needs! We found a video very well done, and we did not find it useful to do another one to explain this function. This is a video made by Au fil d ‘Emma, ​​which also offers fabrics and accessories haberdashery, patchwork and other wire arts for sale online. Here is the video: It is important to choose the needle depending on the fabric used. To know what size and type of needle to use depending on what you are going to sew, click HERE. You’ll have to change it regularly, so here’s how: It’s an essential part of your sewing machine, which keeps the fabric in place throughout the seam. Depending on the fabric or technique you wish to use, you will need to adjust your presser foot. You will have a different foot depending on whether you want to sew a buttonhole, a bias, a zipper and so on. Here are the main presser feet that you will be able to meet and how to install them: To sew, for example, jersey, it is possible to use a double needle. In most cases, it is supplied with your machine, just like the 2nd reel holder. For this, you will need to provide you with 2 coils IDENTIQUES wire (at least in quality and thickness of wire, you can put 2 different colors if you want) to avoid jams. However, you must sew on the place because it is only on top of the fabric that you will see the 2 parallel seams. On the back, there will be only one thread (that of the bobbin!). You will not be able either to use the lever of mechanical threading (to pass the thread in the eye): you will have to be adroit (e) and to thread the wire all (e) alone, and this, for each needle ! To turn in the corners, do not leave the needles pressed into the fabric: you will have to raise the needles, and turn your fabric before restarting the seam in another direction. And to know everything about the choice of your needles, it is by HERE!


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