Vacation guru travel calendar: The best travel dates for 2019-2020

Home / Travel calendar The best destinations 2019-2020 In my travel calendar you can find out about the best destinations in the different months. For all types of travel, I show you the matching resorts. I also give you valuable tips on the best travel time for the most popular travel destinations. When is the perfect travel climate and when is the rainy season in Thailand, Bali and other tropical landscapes? Experience the benefits of every season and make the most beautiful trips! When the holidays are 2019 and when it is worth combining them with Brückentage, I show you by many examples. Get an overview of the holidays in Germany and plan your vacation in time! For each state, I list the individual holiday dates and refer you to cheap holiday offers. Discover the best travel destinations for your vacation in the travel calendar! Holidays and Brückentage 2019-2020 Not all holidays refer to the holidays in Germany. Outside the holidays, we look forward to the remaining holidays in the year on days off. Even the holidays give us a great opportunity to spend a holiday. An overview of all holidays and holidays 2019 can be found here in the travel calendar. I’ll show you the most important and most popular celebration and festivities for all federal states in 2019. In addition you will get travel tips and only the best offers. Find in my travel calendar also top deals for New Year’s Eve trips! In the travel calendar, also find out when the bridge days are 2019-2020! I’ll show you which holidays you can ideally pair with bridge days. For the different travel times I give you recommendations for holiday regions and link you to the best deals for the bridge days. From vacation packages, city breaks, to wellness trips and an active vacation, everything is there. Take a look at the Brückentage 2019-2020 and secure your career in 2020 up to 72 days of holiday a year! Offers for holidays in Germany As befits a travel calendar, here you will also get an overview of the holidays in Germany. Each federal state has its own holiday periods. When these are and where it can go best, I introduce you to the following pages. Click on the overview page “Holidays in Germany” your state and you get all the information. I show you the holiday dates and list the best offers for your holidays during the holidays. For the holidays with a longer free period I have created for you own offer pages. Here you will find suitable offers for the Easter holidays, the summer holidays, the autumn holidays and the Christmas holidays. The travel offers are individually tailored to each state. Click on the holiday pages and learn more! So you can search specifically for your needs for suitable deals. Be inspired and spend unforgettable holidays during the holidays! When, where? Find out with the holiday guru Travel calendar Are you looking for a suitable place for a beach holiday or are you wondering which city breaks are best for a particular month? Then let yourself be inspired by the offers in the travel calendar! I’ll show you the best travel destinations for each month. Find out where to spend a relaxing beach holiday in the different seasons and when a city break in a specific destination is best. Discover where exciting festivals and events take place during the different months and which vacation regions are best suited for an active holiday. Whether you want to hike, mountain biking or skiing – suitable holiday regions for an unforgettable time I show you in my travel calendar. In addition, I link you to more information and the best deals for the destination. Best travel time for the most popular travel destinations For those who have already set their sights on a destination, but now wondering when is the best travel time for this destination, I have created the section “Best travel time”. Here I show you the most popular travel destinations in the world when the best travel time is. You can see for Thailand, Bali and Co., when a holiday is most worthwhile. On the basis of climate tables and information about the weather, climate and the temperatures in the different months, I show you what to expect at which season in the particular destination. You will learn when the rainy season and when the dry season. In addition, I’ll clarify you about region-specific weather conditions such as squalls and hurricanes and give you valuable tips for your travels. Take a look and fly to the best travel time in your desired country or on your dream island!


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