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Kaly was on the brink of emptiness. At first glance she was a teenager like everyone else but when we knew her she was completely different from them. She was a 15-year-old girl who was smiling all the time, laughing, helping others. Except that this girl was scarifying her forearms and being beaten by her father, he hit her so hard that she had marks all over her body. How can we treat children as well? We need the high, give them all the love they need but some parents completely irresponsible beat their children. But to explain to me what is happening to this world is incredible as people can change and become bad. It’s not a teenage life to have her father fight. What do you think of these parents who beat their children, it’s filthy is not it? Kaly had made three suicide attempts but none had worked. Poor child, she could not do anything to stop that. Her mother was defending her, but if she screamed at her father, she beat her … so she could not do anything. Kaly was no longer sporting at school, she was no longer strong enough, she was completely finished. It was one night when he came home from school that his father was screaming at him. He had received his report card and it was very bad. She said she did her best and that was surely the truth. That’s why he beat her so hard that she did not breathe anymore, it was the end Kaly had left us, her pain was over. © You are the best part of me. Show more


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