Tripadvisor Ranking: The 25 Most Popular Destinations in Europe

Slowly but surely spring is finally coming to Germany, the sun is shining more frequently, it is getting warmer – and the desire to travel is increasing day by day. In addition, the Easter holidays are in front of the door in April. But where should the journey go? A tripadvisor ranking could help in choosing the destination. Sign up here for the TRAVELBOOK newsletter! How exactly? “The award-winning destinations were determined using an algorithm that examines the quantity and quality of ratings and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions in each destination over a twelve-month period. The booking interest on Tripadvisor was also taken into account, “they say. That’s why there are no insider tips Since the number of reviews plays a crucial role, of course, have heavily visited goals at an advantage. And so one finds in the first three places the undoubtedly popular metropolises of London, Paris and Rome. As the best German destination, Berlin has made 12th place, improving by four places compared to the previous year. Also interesting: The best tips on how to best use 3 days in London These are the 25 most popular travel destinations in Europe: 1. London The famous Tower Bridge spans the River Thames in London. Photo: Getty Images The heart and capital of Great Britain – London on the Thames offers a gigantic range of culture and culinary delights, even the nightlife scene with countless bars and clubs is huge. And although London is still a bit more expensive, a trip is definitely worth it, maybe to see one of the many musicals. 2. Paris The church of Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre is located on a hill with a great view of the Seine metropolis. Photo: Getty Images In togetherness enjoy a baguette and a red wine under the Eiffel Tower – of course, a bit cheesy, but still romantic. If you let yourself drifting through Paris, you soon realize that the “city of love” also offers everything else: hip corners (Belleville), many art and culture (Louvre, Montmartre) and this certain savoir-vivre that characterizes the Parisians , Also interesting: Belleville – the new trendy district of Paris 3rd Rome The Roman Forum can still be seen today how spectacular the ancient Rome was. Photo: Getty Images If you like culture and history, then Rome is the place for you. In any case, the ancient center of the world with the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum and Roman Forum and countless churches offers a huge number of attractions. No wonder the “eternal city” is so popular with tourists. 4. Crete Crete has a lot of culture and archaeological sites and beautiful beaches to offer, like here the Falasama Beach. Photo: Getty Images Crete in the Mediterranean is Greece’s largest island and offers with the palace of Knossos a much visited attraction. But also white beaches and great hikes invite the tourists. In the top 25 ranking, Crete is the only destination in Europe that is not a city. 5. Barcelona The symbol of Barcelona: the Sagrada Familia, designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. Photo: Getty Images Spain’s second largest city (after the capital Madrid) is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea – and offers next to beaches also a vibrant nightlife and two attractions that every visitor to Barcelona should have seen: the famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia and the Park Güell by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Also interesting: Sexy city – that is the flirting factor of Barcelona 6. Prague 7. Istanbul 8. St. Petersburg 9. Lisbon 10. Amsterdam 11. Budapest 12. Berlin 13. Mallorca 14. Tenerife 15. Florence 16. Santorin 17 Corsica 18. Rhodes 19. Venice 20. Edinburgh 21. Madeira 22. Dublin 23. Malta 24. Göreme 25. Moscow Due to the terrorist attacks of the past, the current tense situation in Turkey and the concomitant decline in the number of tourists it is Probably that Istanbul and Goreme slip off in the ranking next year – We are also on Instagram: travelbook_en – follow! Dream vacation up to 70 percent cheaper – Register now for free with TRAVELBOOK Escapes!


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