Top 15 operas to start – Classic is cool

Sep 29 Sep 29 Top 15 operas for starters Almost everyone knows at least one operatic aria “Love is a child of bohemia …”, “La donna é mobile …”, “Figaro, Figaro, Figaro … “,” Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen … “but the people who had the chance to attend a performance are unfortunately fewer. Renowned elitist, lyrical art would address only a handful of initiates who would be the only ones to enjoy the pleasure of music. It’s completely wrong! © Robert Millard “> The opera is open to all, fortunately and only in narrow minds that the barrier exists.It must be admitted however that it is not always easy to choose the ideal show for to see an opera for the first time.The question often comes up and a form of answer would be that you have to dare, do not be afraid to go into the void to see any work.On course you can imagine that the price sometimes high ticket limit the enthusiasm.There are of course more famous operas than others, an easier approach, with airs already known that can be sure values.But however, another image of Epinal would like that the great tradition of beautiful costumes and decorations in cardboard-paste is always respected.It is not the case.In recent decades, the opera has undergone a revolution with the arrival of the great directors. Oss ladies with feathered headphones and singers with the hand on the heart is well and truly over. More and more artists are taking care of their stage play, and the avant-garde director sometimes invites himself where he is not expected. The first surprise of the opera will perhaps come from there, from its brilliant modernity. And to start on the right foot, we would advise: © Catherine Ashmore “> 1 – Carmen (de bizet) We are all in love with Carmen, woman free who sings “Love is a rebellious bird.” The cigar-maker turns the head of the kind Don José and leads him on his adventures.But the loves of the beautiful do not last six months and tired, she fired the poor young Man because she is attracted by another, the toreador Escamillo Carmen who knows her destiny because she read it in the cards, she suspects it of the reaction of Don José Mark Douet “> 2 – Die Zauberflöte (by mozart) The characters in Mozart’s Magic Flute are unforgettable, starting with Papageno and the Queen of the Night. The opera, which is often the first ever of the young audience, is not just a marvelous tale in which Prince Tamino ventures to rescue Princess Pamina, aided by Papageno, a wicked, grumbling bit. The work has several levels of reading. Will you be able to perceive the philosophical message of this highly initiatory opera? © Dan Rest “> 3 – La Bohème (puccini) Some handkerchiefs are needed because Puccini’s most beautiful opera is also one of the most moving in the repertoire.The simple love of Mimì the florist and Rodolfo the poet In the Montmartre flourishes artists without the under who lead this hard life of Bohemia Rodolfo surrounded by his friends will manage to save Mimì disease that eats little by little © Philippe Gromelle Orange “> © Philippe Gromelle Orange 4 – La Traviata (from verdi) La Traviata offers a golden role for all sopranos who dream of equaling the biggest, starting with the Callas. Violetta Valéry is the Traviata, a courtesan who gives up her splendid life to live fully her new love for the beloved Alfredo. Alas, the young man’s father sees this affair with an evil eye and asks Violetta to sacrifice his love. Will she survive without him, especially after the affront he may inflict on her? © Ken Howard “> 5 – Nozze di Figaro (by mozart) Mozart’s whole soul is there, between lightness and intense emotion The maid Susanna must marry her beloved Figaro, the valet of Count Almaviva but it’s without to rely on the lust of the latter, determined to restore the right of cuissage.On his side, his wife the beautiful Comtessa Almaviva abandoned courted by the page Cherubino.A crazy day …


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