Strategie Austria-Event: How to marry media with creatives?

At present, the communications industry is investing in two main areas: on the one hand in data-triggered research and technologies for meeting tough KPIs, on the other in content generation and creation. Two worlds whose energies could not be more different. And the same applies to the proponents of both sides. Nevertheless, they are growing together more and more – and they have to! But that is exactly what leads more and more to challenging interface, delimitation and jurisdiction conflicts, especially among the agencies. The Strategy Austria Association asked the question “How to create marry creatives with media? ” In its Learning Breakfast on September 11, 2019. “Jan Gorfer, Head of Marketing of the Ottakringer Brewery, Thomas Niederdorfer, CD of the advertising agency We Make and Ursula Arnold, discussed CEO Mindshare. Here the complete discussion (Source Strategy Austria), as it offers some impulses: Jan Gorfer: The whole team is the star. Cooperation is the top priority. Like the football game. The team needs 1 mission to work. Ottakringer Mission: We also do beer. But the lifestyle of the city is the focus. What else it takes: leadership and clear responsibility and a certain security or backing, so that you can try something. Something must go wrong too. Only then will you not only do what you can do anyway. It needs clear goals for specialists. Nevertheless, success is viewed holistically and is not just a matter of specialists keyword team? It’s always bigger than you think. In teams, cooperation must work. There is no room for egos: you have to demand cooperation in case of doubt. This includes understanding and rewarding different business models, fee models from other agencies / partners. Individual successes are equally rewarded, but more so are team successes. To do this, you have to create trust, take care of service providers as partners and not treat them from above. The team has to work with passion and purpose. All of them must know the common mission. Here, in addition to the heart, there is a need for brains to not think about campaigns in the short term, but think long-term about brands. Ursula Arnold: 1 + 1 = 3! Good cooperation, between customers and other agencies is important. She has already experienced every kind of cooperation. Above all, she has witnessed the transformation of media agencies and their development. Media agencies that have emerged from creative agencies. Media agencies used to be switch agencies. It’s different today. In the 90s the media DURFTE, but rarely, sometimes with the customers. Digitization has created a vacuum that the media agencies knew how to use. The use of data and its interpretation bring advantages. ‘The Loop’ is the Data War Room at Mindshare. Not only Mindshare internally, but also with customers and agencies. In real time, data from ongoing campaigns is analyzed. For example, also the launch of the JÖ Bonus Card in 4 weeks. Thomas Niederdorfer: The theme is reminiscent of a couples therapy: It is about respectful, benevolent deal with each other. This is the only way to create insights that one did not have alone. Especially in the election campaign, you can learn from the bad guys (Brexit advocates and Trump). There, mediaprofis and creative people work closely together. The Brexit advocates and Trump have told strong and emotional stories and have become successful. “Take back control.” “Lets make america great again.” Are stronger than “Britain is stronger in Europe.” “I am with her.” (Clinton) It takes emotional anchors to settle in the mind. We experience 10-13 k messages per day. Advertising blindness starts at 3-5 k, messages are not ignored, but simply not seen. Solution: People have to be moved !!! Through stories that meet and not only concern. Stories you want to hear a second time and tell yourself. Campaign against. Martin Weinand: How do you as a client take initiative? Jan Gorfer: The impulse has to come from the client. One knows too little of each other. Arrogance and the lack of understanding recognize their own deficits? The client has to define goals, a connecting goal is not KPIs. It needs joint briefings, in which all partner agencies – from PR to Media together ideally sit at one table. The same level of knowledge is the most important prerequisite for working on equal terms. It should not be so much the competition in the foreground. So the question: I have the opportunity to snack 5% more of the budget cake. Daily work together must be in the center! And away with the egos! You have to communicate that as a client, and you have to offer support to get better. And you should not immediately look for a new agency, if something does not fit once. Bernd G. (external campaign consultant): How to get, …


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