This is how Skype works – pictures, screenshots

Knowledge: Instant Messenger You can download Skype from the COMPUTER PICTURE Download Area. You save the setup file on your Windows desktop. When the download is complete, you will see a small blue cube on your desktop. It contains the Skype installer. Double-click to start the installation. In the first step, select the language from the pop-up menu. The tick below decides whether Skype will start immediately when booting up. The consent form with the license agreement and the security regulations confirm you by clicking on vote – continue. The program also installs for the browser the add-on Skype Click-to-Call, which allows the transfer of phone numbers from a website to your Skype directory. In the following window, you decide whether you want to set up Bing as a search engine and MSN as the start page. Set or remove the checkmarks and click Next. If you do not have a Skype account, click Create an account. Alternatively, sign in with your Facebook or Microsoft account. The login opens in the browser. Here you can set up a Skype user account, for which you need a valid e-mail address. Interim step: If your desired Skype username is already taken, you will be prompted to choose a different name. This may be one of the suggestions or you may choose a new name. The first time you start Skype, the setup wizard opens. Connect a kit / microphone set to your PC, unless your computer is equipped with an internal microphone and speakers. An audio test checks the connected speakers or headphones. A colored bar will show you if the connected microphone is working properly. For a webcam you should see yourself in the right window. Here you add a profile picture. You can also upload your image later. If this window appears, the setup of Skype is complete. To link your Skype account to various other profiles, first click Browse Address Book. For example, all you need to do is enter your Facebook login details to add your friends’ Skype accounts from the network to your contacts list. To make landline calls, just click on the telephone receiver icon. But you need a (paid) Skype credit. Clicking on this icon will take you to add friends. Search for Skype names or email addresses. Double-clicking on the contact opens the chat window. Enter your text in the box below. You can express your mood with various smileys. Confirm your entry with Enter or by clicking on Send. If you see this pin icon, your chat partner is just answering. Also the answer of your chat partner appears in the upper window on the right side. If Skype is minimized, the flashing orange icon alerts you to new messages. The orange glowing conversation field also tells you that you have received new messages. The number next to your contacts tells you how many messages were received in your absence. Clicking on the name opens the chat window again. If you want to quit Skype, clicking on the big X is not enough. Right-click on the Skype icon on your taskbar and exit Skype to completely close the program. Related Links Latest News NewsTestsTipsVideos Purchase Guides Coupons and Discounts Test Candidates in the Video Daily Newsletter They almost made it! The top news of the day directly from the editors currently on your screen. To complete the order, please click on the confirmation link, which you have just received by e-mail. Please enter your e-mail address.


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