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Special DSL and Speedtest – Guide: VoIP to PC, mobile and landline 08.04.2013, 18:00 clock You want to make cheap calls? No problem over the internet – thanks to the free chat program Skype. How this works, read at COMPUTER BILD. Skype has matured into a multifunction messenger. Facebook newsfeeds can also be linked to the program. Telephoning with SkypeSkype is far more than a normal messenger. In addition to the chat function and the ability to share files via the program, you also make phone calls worldwide. Talks about the Skype service are generally free. But this is only possible if both participants have installed the program – either on the PC or with the appropriate app on smartphones and tablets. On the phone Skype also offers a free alternative to the regular phone function. »Download: Download Skype for Windows» Download: Download Skype Portable for Windows »Download: Download Skype for Mac OS Internet telephony based on VoIP technologyThe Internet telephony program is based on the VoIP technology (VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol = telephoning over computer networks via Internet Protocol). After downloading, installation and easy setup, you always have the opportunity to communicate with friends, business partners and family – even in conference call with multiple participants at the same time. »Tip: Use Skype without ads Use Skype for landline callsWhen you purchase Skype credit, you can make calls to landlines or mobile networks. For each monthly service fees you are also available offline, via voicemail, or relatives without a PC, can reach your Skype connection from the normal phone. Even text messages via SMS are possible via Skype. These hit, within Germany, with about ten cents to book. Call forwarding and transfer work to the mobile or landline phone. You can find an exact overview of fees on Skype. How Skype works What makes Internet calls different from landline calls? In traditional fixed network, the call participants are connected via clearly defined cable routes. This usually ensures a consistently high quality. In contrast, the calls in the Internet telephony arrive in a data stream together with e-mails, websites and other files via an Internet connection to the recipient. If the call goes to the landline or to a mobile phone, the Internet telephony provider forwards the call via a switch to the respective telephone network. Skype is therefore not a complete replacement for the conventional telephone line, but offers a practical supplement to the house connection. These are the best hidden Skype smilies Related Links Do you like this article? Special: DSL & WLAN Latest News NewsTestsTipsVideos Coupons and Discounts The Most Popular DownloadsThe Latest Downloads Test Candidates in the Video Download Newsletter They almost made it! News about free programs, software updates and patches. To complete the order, please click on the confirmation link, which you have just received by e-mail. Please enter your e-mail address. Free e-mail With the COMPUTER BILD newsletter you are always up to date with the latest technology! The top news of the day as a compact summary of expert tips, sweepstakes and bargains free house »All Newsletter Overview ‘); }, error: function () {newsletterBody.html ( ” + ” + ” + ‘Unfortunately the newsletter service is currently not available. ‘ + ” + ‘Please try again later. ‘+ ‘ ‘+ ‘ ‘); }}); }); $ ( ‘. linkButton a ‘, overlay) .bind ( ‘click ‘, function () {if (typeof pageTracker! == ‘undefined ‘) {pageTracker._trackEvent ( ‘Newsletter ‘, ‘Layer ‘, ‘closed ‘);} $ .cookie ( ‘newsletter-layer ‘, ‘layer: closed ‘, {path: ‘/ ‘, expires: expireDate, secure: true} ); $ ( ‘# newsletterOverlayBg, #newsletterOverlay ‘). remove (); return false;}); });


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