Use Siri on all Apple devices

Ask Siri to send a message to your iPhone, play your favorite TV show on the Apple TV, or start training on the Apple Watch. Siri is your personal assistant who will help you in everyday life and is available on all Apple devices. You just have to ask. On the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Here are some ways you can talk to Siri. “Hey Siri,” say just say “Hey Siri,” and ask your question. You can z. For example, say “Hey Siri, what’s the weather like today?” Press and release the key On the iPhone X or later, briefly press the page key, then immediately submit your request. If your device has a home button, press it and ask your question. Press and hold key Would you like to make a longer inquiry? On iPhone X or later, hold down the page key while making your request. If you release the side button, Siri stops listening. If your device has a home button, just hold it down until you have submitted your request. About AirPods, Headsets, or in a Car On the Apple Watch Here are some ways to talk to Siri on the Apple Watch. Say “Hey Siri” Lift your wrist or tap the screen of your Apple Watch. When the watch stops hibernating, say “Hey Siri ” and then what you want. Raise Speech With the latest version of watchOS and the Apple Watch Series 3, you do not have to say “Hey Siri “. Just close your watch and say what you want. Hold Digital Crown down Hold down the Digital Crown for a moment, then tell Siri what you want. Would you like to make a longer request? Just hold down the Digital Crown, say what you want, and then release the Digital Crown. On the HomePod Here are two ways to talk to Siri on the HomePod. Push the top of the HomePod Press the top of the HomePod, and make your request. Would you like to make a longer request? Just press and hold the top of the HomePod, tell Siri what you want, and then take your finger back from the top of the HomePod. The HomePod is not available in all countries and regions. On the Mac Here are some ways to talk to Siri on the Mac. Press Siri key or use keyboard shortcut Press on a MacBook Pro with a touch bar on the touch bar, and then make your request. You can also press and hold while making your request. Siri only listens as long as your finger is on the symbol. Under macOS Sierra and newer, click on in the menu bar or in the dock. Or press and hold the Command (⌘) and Spacebars until Siri responds. Then tell Siri your wish. If Siri does not close automatically, click in the window or swipe right to close Siri. Release date: May 06, 2019


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