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Sound insulation and sound insulation Difference between sound insulation and sound insulation explained in brief Sound insulation and sound insulation are two different areas that unfortunately are often confused. In the following, we will not only explain the difference, but also give an example of some products that can be used to either mute or dampen sound. Sound attenuation If one speaks of sound attenuation or sound absorption, it is hereby meant the absorption of airborne sound by materials such. open-pored foams. The incident sound is converted into heat energy in the foam. Of course, the heat is not felt by humans – please do not think that your attached foam boards are noticeably warm. The energies are much too low for that. By assembling foams, it is therefore possible for the sound to propagate further or the sound reflection on bare walls is prevented or reduced. Foams have proven to be particularly effective for soundproofing, as they have a very large internal surface area (increased surface area through pores). Soundproofing is important if you want to improve the acoustics in the room – in particular, this means reverberation through reflections on the walls. Here you choose, depending on the frequencies with which you have problems, appropriate strengths of the foam. Mostly bubble foam or pyramid foam is used. It is true that the thicker the plates and the higher the frequencies, the better the sound absorption. For low frequencies you need very thick plates. Additives such as edge or broadband absorbers can be used to specifically dampen frequencies and optimize the acoustics in the room. With this you can e.g. achieve a sound reduction With these products you can, for example, dampen the sound in the room and absorb sound waves well. Bubble foam is one of our classics. It is simply glued to the wall or ceiling and absorbs incident sound in the room. This reduces the reverb and improves the acoustics in the room. Pyramid foam has the same function as bubble foam, only the appearance is different. The pyramids are flush with the edges of the plates. In our TopLine series, you will find ceiling sails, acoustic images, partitions or table descent and much more, with which you will achieve perfect soundproofing. Basotect acoustic foams are high-end silencers. This foam does not yellow, is flame retardant and has excellent Absorbtionseigenschaften Acoustic insulation Acoustically speaking, one speaks in the building acoustics, if one means the obstruction of sound propagation in adjacent rooms, houses, etc., which propagate in particular by airborne sound or then by converted structure-borne noise. Acoustic insulation is usually very difficult and depends on many factors on site. If you apply, as in the above case, only foams on the walls, so you reduced the structure-borne noise u.U. only a little. In addition to noise insulation panels, we also offer broadband absorbers or flat foam panels, which are used in conjunction with bitumen sheets or heavy foils as “http: // ” sandwich “http: // ” particularly effective against structure-borne noise. We have a lot of advice on “sound insulation” for you on our pages, which explain the problem exactly and recommend suitable products from us and with which you can achieve the perfect insulation. General overview in the online consultant Experience report of the soundproofing of a cellar Damming walls and ceilings (from or to the neighbors) Damping machines, motors of all kinds achieve soundproofing Our composite foam is a heavy foam used for sound insulation in many areas. Cheap and very effective. Our bitumen board and bitumen foil sound deadening (metal) and at the same time soundproofing. Also suitable for use in combination with composite foam. Our plan foams are with and without skin. In the field of engine insulation, these are often used here. Our popular wall insulation set – so you can absorb noise from the neighbors and your noise alike, or generally used as a wall insulation. Related topics How to optimize your room acoustics and remove reverberation in the room How to insulate noise effectively to the outside or between walls Back to our homepage and our full range


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