Current information can be found here: The satellite communication networks Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya in comparison Figure 1: THURAYA SO-2510 in Laos 2008 Figure 2: Thuraya XT in Tamil Nadu / India 2009 Figure 3: the IRIDIUM satellite network Figure 4: INMARSAT IsatPhone Pro Figure 5: IRIDIUM 9555 in the high mountainsPhotos: can be found here , Latest satellite phones “mobile phones “, as of July 2010: 1) left: “IsatPhone Pro ” of the network operator INMARSAT2) center: “Iridium 9555 ” of the network operator IRIDIUM3) right: “Thuraya XT ” of the network operator THURAYA Attention : All prices listed below are guidelines for comparing the different systems. Prices may vary by VAT rate, $ rate and merchant pricing. For daily updates on the sale and rental of satellite and satellite mobile data transmission devices, please visit this link. A) Which satellite phone is right for me? First of all, there is the question of network coverage, so where does it have to work everywhere and the IRIDIUM system is clearly in the lead. It goes all over the world, including the polar regions. Iridium, however, is the most expensive in every respect. On the moving boat, the advantage of Iridium is that the antenna is not aimed at a particular satellite. Those who do not need the polar areas, but the rest of the earth completely, is operated cheaper with INMARSAT. Although INMARSAT causes significant annual fixed costs, it is the cheapest in the connection minutes. So right for “frequent callers”. Those who manage THURAYA’s huge, but not global coverage of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia are well served by this system, especially if the satellite phone is to be used “only in case of emergency”. A Thuraya satellite phone with inserted NOVA SIM card causes by far the lowest annual fixed costs. Who needs data transmission, a lot of e-mail or (slow) Internet is best served with Thuraya, because it is by far the highest data rate of all satellite phones has by far the lowest cost per MB. Since it is worthwhile for skippers who have much Datenverkeht quite the Thuraya operate with external naval antenna. B) THURAYA: THURAYA is a satellite communication system covering 140 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Those who are in this coverage area can use a THURAYA mobile phone to call any country to any telephone and be reached from any country from the fixed network or with GSM mobile phones. With the approx. 200g light THURAYA XT dual mobile phone one can telephone both in the GSM net and if that is not present over satellite. Since everyone has their GSM mobile phone anyway, I see no advantage in the choice and the additional cost of the Thuraya XT dual compared to the Thuraya XT. The THURAYA XT (without GSM) costs under 900 €, the connection fee (airtime) between 0.85 € and 1.85 € per minute. From the landline to the THURAYA mobile phone the minute costs when using a suitable network prefix about 0.70 € / min. The cheapest connection fees with about 0.85 € / min come with voice connection from THURAYA to THURAYA telephone when using the Thuraya NOVA SIM for billing. A THURAYA – phone is for the inexperienced viewer hardly anything To differentiate larger, older GSM mobile phone, thus falls also in countries not on, in which GSM meanwhile usual, however, satellite telephone is unknown. It is smaller than IRIDIUM, INMARSAT or Globalstar phones. In GSM operation, ie in operation with the cellular “mobile phone ” known to us, the THURAYA SG 2520 and the newer THURAYA XT dual mobile phone also work in the car and in the house, where the conventional mobile phone works. If the GSM network is not available or too weak, you can use the THURAYA mobile phone outdoors to make calls via one of the two active geostationary THURAYA satellites. Both “PREPAID” and “POSTPAID” payment options are offered. Prepaid is a SIM card that is preloaded with a number code with charging units and for which no monthly fee is due but the connection fee is higher. Postpaid is called SIM card for monthly billing, with a monthly fee, but lower connection fees THURAYA mobile phones are used with “prepaid ” SIM cards. The phones can also be recharged with a completely used charge supply via a free hotline in the middle of the “Pampa “. THURAYA satellite phones with inserted NOVA SIM card cause by far the lowest annual fixed costs. Call costs of incoming calls are basically completely paid by the caller. The current data can be found here:Über this link, anyone can send free SMS from the Internet to a Thuraya satellite phone. Thuraya offers 60 kb / s downstream and 15 kb / s upstream, the highest data rate of mobile satellite phones, By far the lowest fees per megabyte transferred data 5 € / MB and the lowest annual fixed costs of 5 €. Since January, the phone THURAYA XT and XT Dual is a very small WiFi hotspot available, bringing the problems of missing cable or mismatched operating system of the notebook …


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