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Making calls without a SIM card Download Worldwide Telephoning without a SIM card – how does it work? The iOS app “Satellite” should make it possible to make calls over the Internet to any mobile number. So you are always available, no matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. We have tried the app for you. Table of Contents Operation and Features Conclusion Alternatives to Satellite Operation and Features When you start the app for the first time, you must first create a user profile. Afterwards you receive directly a German mobile number. For legal reasons, you will then be sent a letter with an activation code to your address. If you have entered the code, you can be reached via the mobile number for users outside of Satellite.  Calls cheap and worldwide regardless of your provider. (Source: As in the popular phone app on your smartphone, there are also numbers, contacts and call lists in the Satellite. Your phone number you can always look up in the settings. You can also use this number on another smartphone. The only requirement is that you have the app installed on your mobile device. »The Best Programs in ” Internet Telephony, Voice over IP & Video Conferencing “» Download Charts: The Best Downloads »Updates: These Programs Have Been Updated The Satellite App is available for iOS for free. Each user receives 100 free minutes per month after registration. If you would like to make a longer call, you can book “Satellite Plus” for unlimited telephony. This tariff beats at a price of 5 euros per month. Conclusion Thanks to Satellite you are also abroad by VoIP over a normal mobile phone number reachable or telephoned without SIM card over the WLAN. The call quality can be seen even at low bandwidth. The user interface is intuitive and tidy. Security and privacy are ensured by SRTP and TLS encryption. In order to use Satellite, you best give your call list for the app, because the manual copy and paste numbers does not work. An Android version and special extra features such as video calls are also missing so far. Nonetheless, Satellite is a successful telephony app, which is particularly suitable for foreign deployment. Alternatives can be found in our section Internet Telephony, Voice over IP and Videoconferencing. Alternatives to Satellite Satellite Download HTML link to download If you want to link to the download of Satellite, you can here generate a link. Simply select the style you want and copy the source code from the text box. You can host the download buttons on your server or refer directly to the pictures of our server. If you only need the link, you can copy it out of the text box or the address bar of the browser. Preview Preview Preview


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