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Home / Travel Calendar / The Best Destinations for Every Month Find the Best Destinations for Every Season You’ve submitted your vacation, but you’re not quite sure yet where to go? Then get inspired by the offers in my travel calendar! I’ll show you the best travel destinations for each month. Find the most beautiful and suitable holiday destinations for different types of travel. Whether you want to make a beach holiday, a city break, a spa or an active holiday. Every month and every season there are suitable destinations for your dream vacation. Find her out here! I’ll show you where in the different months you can sunbathe or hike. Whether summer or winter – thanks to the different climate zones, there are always suitable destinations for your holiday. Learn when to make the best city breaks and look for exciting destinations for an unforgettable ski vacation. Find out where events and festivals take place during the different months and get more tips and the best deals. In the months when holidays are, I present you the best travel destinations for the holidays. Take a look around and find the most beautiful trip for your vacation! [weiterlesen] How the Travel Destinations with the Best Destinations Work If you have the best travel destinations open for a specific month, you will find important information under each destination. These include the air temperature, the hours of sunshine and the water temperature in each month. In addition, I’ll give you the percentage of rainy days a month and refer you to more tips and the best deals for the destination. Behind every travel destination for your beach holiday I write you the most popular holiday regions. In the proposals for city breaks, I give you important sights that you can discover there. Among the wellness offers you will find possible regions for a relaxing holiday and suggestions for selected cities, spas and spas. The same applies to the best destinations for your skiing or active holidays. In addition to the holiday country I lead you to ski resorts or mountain regions or natural landscapes, which come up with countless attractions. At the end of each calendar page I show you world famous and popular events and festivals of a month. If there are special events in a month, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December, there are separate subcategories with interesting destinations. For example, in the best destinations for December, you will find a list of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany with the opening times. I also introduce you to the most beautiful cities for New Year’s Eve and the New Year. For months in which there are holidays, such as the Easter, Whitsun or summer holidays, I give you tips for the best holiday destinations. Furthermore, find great suggestions for your musical trips or a day trip to a theme park! Whether with the family, the partner or the best friends. Spends wonderful travel with my travel recommendations in every season! January, February and March – the best destinations in the first quarter While winter takes its course in Germany, the first calendar months in other parts of the world have warm temperatures along the 30 degrees mark. So you have in the months of January, February and March wonderful opportunities to make a beach holiday. Also for your city breaks are the warm places in Asia, the Caribbean or the United Arab Emirates. Those who can not wait for the cold season because they are looking forward to a skiing holiday will find out in the travel calendar where the best ski resorts are located. Wellness seekers get inspiration for a relaxing spa vacation. Check out the best travel destinations in January and find the perfect deal for you. If you have holidays in February, you can make great trips to the Maldives, to Thailand or to the Seychelles. A great destination for a memorable city break in February is Rio de Janeiro. You can find out which events and festivals are scheduled for this month and further travel options in the calendar with the best travel destinations in February. If you are looking for suitable travel offers for March, you will also find it in the travel calendar. A highlight in March are the Northern Lights, which you can admire in the Scandinavian countries. Discover the best destinations in March for air travel, city breaks or a wellness stay. April, May and June – popular destinations for your spring holidays Spring is a beautiful season. Everything is blooming and green, and the first warm rays of sunshine are luring us out. City breaks are especially popular in spring. Whether you are exploring Germany or the European metropolises – the months of April, May and June …


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