What are the best laptops of 14 “and 15 ” of the moment? October 2019

Telephony TV & Sound Home Computer Photo Entertainment Cars & co And also Community By Rick ☆ Updated on 10/20/19 at 10:00 AM Of the 130 or so computers recently tested in the lab, just over half of them display diagonals of 14 “(35.6 cm) or 15” (38.1 cm). These machines are appreciated because commonly versatile, with a good mix autonomy / clutter / computing power / comfort of reading on the screen.If on paper, the characteristics are often difficult to decipher, all these computers are not equal! Here are our current favorite by price, from the powerful (and expensive) machine to play up to the lowest budget, for a computer “convenient and cheap “. Feel free to read the complete tests for more details on each machine. The best: Asus Zenbook S13 UX392F The Zenbook S13 UX392F is one of the best ultraportables available today on the market. With an impeccable construction, a near perfect screen and a significant power, it shows the expertise of Asus in the field. However, it passes the finger of perfection because of … At less than 1200 €: Lenovo Yoga 920 The Lenovo Yoga 920 is able to climb among the best ultraportables on the market, without using glitter or artifice. Opting for a sober design, without any particular originality except its hinge, it manages however to pull out of the game excelling in almost all fields …. Under 900 €: Lenovo Ideapad 530S Without achieving excellence, The Ideapad 530S remains a good ultraportable 14 inches, which focuses primarily on its sober design and build quality irreproachable. Powerful for a PC in this category, it fears on the other hand by a somewhat fair autonomy and a screen that deserved a little … At less than 600 €: Asus Vivobook S412 The Asus Vivobook S412 is a computer in the middle of solid range. Its innovations introduced on the high-end models of the brand (the screen with thin edges, the Numpad) reinforce this impression. Asus, however, had to make some concessions to offer an affordable product, especially on the Internet. At less than 500 €: Acer Swift 1 SF114-32-P8FR If you are looking for an ultraportable for less than 400 €, Acer’s Swift 1 is, at the present time, the best choice. The PC of the Taiwanese manufacturer surprises indeed in many ways: excellent autonomy, good quality screen, impeccable finish, complete connectivity … Only …


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