What is the best free firewall ??? [Résolu]

Hello, I’ll just like to know which firewall is the best and free? hoping that your opinion will not all be different Show more but no avast c ‘is an antivirus, it does not serve as a firewall Hello, If you try to shield your PC, go see this site, he managed to gather free and compatible software between them. This is recent and he is a specialist but be nice to not ask him for disinfection on his site he will not, at his request. Thank you. http://jalobservateur.spaces.live.com/ Euh the link cited above (http: // jalobservateur ….) blog genre with a page that ‘s not finished, ultra loaded and difficult to close, j ‘s not advising you … In addition, for what there is to see, frankly, it is not worth the detour … It is you who see, me what I say … like good firewall free you have kerio hello javalobservateur I’m very happy to talk to you because I find it awesome tn site awesome, very well dailleur I allowed myself to take the video of it is not sorcery on viruses for the to put on mn site under construction which is: http://www.apprendreinformatique.fr but the problem is that zone alarm does not want to install under vista of the least on mine and that of a friend, and kerio I will see his but I think that he had cut off the connection to the internet, moreover I have for now the firewall of vista and I have no problem, I spyware doctore with antivirus, and avast voila java the observer can you answer me thanks in advance Hi! Oufff, 210 messages this morning in emails, Belle initiative your site! I have family obligations today too, so I can not tell you more for today. NB; When you install the firewall: You have to accept, generic host process and svchost.exe otherwise you will have no connection. I recommend this one: http://www.libellules.ch/dotclear/index.php?2006/01/02/727-comodo-personal-firewall You will tell me. @ + Jal Hi, personally I use Comodo, it’s not too complicated to know a little. Happy birthday Hello, even if the post dates from 2007, I answer you anyway … Comodo continued to be the best performer of firewalls. Even with the addition of new tools of detection and intelligent blocking as the proactive, it is far ahead of all the others, if not the only really top.in the end of 2009. 😉 It is in your interest to to get to know him thoroughly and to make good use of them. Again last week I tested it with ViruT and it blocked without a hitch. I’ve used it hundreds of times, on active infections and it performs. So to avoid intrusions, it is highly recommended. The top, without hesitation. @ + Firewall Ad-aware compatible with AVAST Antivirus is very good. I use it for 3 YEARS! Hi Comodo is very good and free. I recommend you Comodo that you can download at the following address: http://www.commentcamarche.net/telecharger/telecharger-34055041-comodo-firewall I personally use it recently and it is not bad I find it simple to configure only concern is that to have it in French must activate the language manually via the config window but overall I think he does very well his work so here I recommend you Comodo Hello to all, I will like to put ZA is what it is necessary to deactivate that of windows already to preinstall. thank you COMODO is not the best firewall, his HIPS passes the tests at MATOUSEC, that’s all. As for its resistance to intrusions, its possibilities of setting fire level, nothing is known about its level. What is known is that he has already been accused of “spying”, perhaps not wrongly, and that during his installation he must read the conditions, especially for those who like discretion. Hi, the tests, we have to do them ourselves we will know better. I tested Comodo Pro and Proactive ‘protection, then it absolutely blocks everything I made him eat. The only catch, as always with good tools, is that users must be able to read, analyze requests before making a move. And that’s not won, even with an excellent firewall. The leaktests are tests of HIPS, before testing it is necessary to understand, now a software which one downloads often without reaction …


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