What are the best international magazines or websites to keep up to date in business, marketing, strategy, innovation and technology?

Techmeme as a news aggregator: Reporting mainly from: Then you have reddit, r / technology, r / futurology are not bad if taken with a lot of pincers.Then I like Phys.org – News and Articles on Science and Technology on Youtube (eheh) , I like the channels of ColdFusion, Artificial Intelligence AI (which I’m sure will be closed soon given their modus operandi), Visual Politik EN (to be taken with pliers because it often blunders, so read the comments / read more about it from you on other sources) coupled with China Uncensored (the latter two I prefer because in my opinion it is where the action will be in the future. Skip it if you are not interested in geopolitics), Seeker.Su Quora I am subscribed to Robin Daverman (always on geopolitics / China) and Joseph Wang (ditto, but he writes really infinite) , so be careful not to lose yourself in a thousand responses. If you are interested in stocks, there is Seeking Alpha, you can create a virtual wallet and receive news from the titles that interest you. Often they arrive with a little delay compared to leading sources, but they hardly omit important news on titles of respect. Of course, if you’re interested in a $ 200M cap title, you can let it go. Then there is Stocktwits, always to receive more news on US stock market securities. Otherwise you go to Finviz and you have myriads of news, more or less important, so you have a lot of noise. I do not recommend it, unless you are actively managing your titles. Then there is Twitter (I think I have a good feed, so maybe you should copy the ones I follow: Marco Venti (@ idontg1veafu)). Various interesting podcasts : HBR IdeaCast Hardvard Business Review, Podcasts – Andreessen Horowitz, Masters in Business – Bloomberg How do you see there is no end to it. The advice I can give you is to always seek only the best quality. Discard the noise. Discard material that is “good enough” because actually it is not good enough. I would like to have people to confront me with and give different ratings to videos / podcasts / articles. It is often frustrating to lose 10–15 minutes because you see an article retweeted by a thousand people and then it turns out to be a disappointment, or a 5-star podcast that then says things you already knew, or a link to reddit with 3000 upvotes that talks about the cosmic nothing. I know that a sort of IMDb is coming out for these things, I hope it won’t be spoiled by particularly enthusiastic judgments.

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