What are the dishes of French cuisine that those who go to Paris should definitely taste?

You can taste the following first courses: huitres (ostricche) and all fruits de mer (seafood) salade de lentilles aux lardons (lentil salad with pancetta) vol-au-vent (also called bouchées à la reine) with animellesoupe à l ‘oignon (onion soup) foie gras mi-cuit (fatty liver of duck or semi-cooked goose) œufs cocotte (cupcake / egg mold with cooked ham, mushrooms, cheese) or meurette (with red wine) … seconds: saucisson en brioche or brioché (hot salami in brioche, better with salami stuffed with pieces of pistachio) ris de veau (sweetbreads), rognons (kidney), other entrails, os à moelle (marrow, rather a first) andouillette (sausage of tripe): must have the denomination AAAAA (“Five A”) carpaccio de saint-jacques (scallop carpaccio) or scallop with neroblanquette de veau (veal in umedo, with white sauce) poulet au vinaigre (chicken with vinegar) magrets de canard (duck breast) confit de canard (cooked and preserved duck meat ta in the cooking fat) confit d’oie (cooked goose meat preserved in the fat of cooking) cassoulet (dish made of dry beans generally white and of meat: sausages and duck “confite”) choucroute garnie (dish to base of sauerkraut, sausages and pork meat based on sauerkraut, sausages and pork) turbot, St Pierre (turbot, St. Peter fish) in all its formesole meunière (already indicated by another contributor) brandade de morue ( cod in mashed potatoes cooked in the oven) and many other dishes! … Do not list the cheeses and desserts here because they would be too many. Appétit! (but this, one must not tell the diners)

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