What are the best restaurants in Paris?

I’m trying my first answer in Italian. Are you patient with me? What would you like to eat? Luxury Hotel in ParisThis restaurant, Epicure, I used to go with my father. When I was little they were good to me! It is a very luxurious restaurant! .LE BALCON RESTAURANT – BARThis is also a luxurious restaurant, I also used to go here as a child to work with my father..Restaurant Le petit canardThis restaurant is more normal, but if you like to eat only duck. I ate this restaurant with my boyfriend once I wanted to try the meat and I am vegetarian! .The Grenier de Notre-DameYou are vegetarian this restaurant is in the center of Paris, near the famous Notre Dame Cathedral..Boutique Luxembourg – Dalloyau.comIf you like sweet this is nice, they have been making pastry since 1682! People ate sweets at this store when King Louis 14me was there! But the nicest restaurant you can go to in Paris is to sit on the floor! Le pique-niqueBuy good bread, cheese, other foods you like, if you drink wine, or we like to bring a hot tea whistle, and eat in the meadow. This is for me the most beautiful restaurant in Paris. Please, I used so much time writing this in Italian, almost an hour , a bit with google translate. I pay attention to how to spell words but I have tried grammar. If you want to correct so I learn, thanks.

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