What are the best digital marketing programs, SEO and SEM?

Let’s be clear. Digital marketing (boundless environment) has no real “programs” or software, but a set of techniques, best practices and workflows, which generally lead you to obtain the promotional objective that you set yourself. (Increase impressions, conversions, sales of a product, and much more …) Then around these techniques, software houses have created “software” to accelerate or assist processes (for example posting on social networks at different times , assist content marketing, track users and show analytics, etc … Simply put, to speak of “digital marketing software” would seem semantically incorrect, and somewhat limiting. The same thing applies to the Search environment; perhaps the only branch where we can make an exception is the SEO / SEM area that has real “tools” and analysis programs, keyword tracking, ranking tracking, etc … But these are programs with limited functionality, and for a specific use. Having said that, there are companies that have created all-in-one and monolithic software, which include CRM, content marketing, email marketing, landing pages and a / b testing, social posting, etc … and I imagine that you were talking about these. At first glance I am reminded of “softwarons” like HubSpot and Marketo, or email marketing software and funnels like InfusionSoft and the smaller (as a feature) Unbounce / ClickFunnels. Also here we are talking about software SaaS with very specific functionalities and utilities, and that are absolutely not good for everyone. (Unfortunately digital marketing is not like graphics, where you can talk about “What is the best photo editing software?> Photos hop “,” What is the best software for 3D? > Maya ”) It might be useful to forget for a moment“ what are the best ”and start thinking about:“ What is the best software for a small / medium enterprise with X employees, which invoices Y. thousand euros year, and has a mailing list of Z. thousand customers, and wants to increase sales of a product A, in the quarter B, by a percentage C? “Start with choosing objectives and strategies, tactics, the team, and only then software, which only needs to help.

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