What are the best places to visit?

Mukesh Sharma, Trekking and NatureOriginal authorIf you’ve always wanted to visit Thachi, contact me. I will help you with almost everything you need, because this is my beautiful place. I do not say this is the most beautiful place for you, but this is the most beautiful place for me, but it is still almost beautiful for you too if you are looking for peace and a break from the crowds and looking for some nature. Thachi is located near the Great Himalaya National Park. Mandi, 3 hours from Manali. Check under google map link. Thachi is calm and peaceful, people are good in hospitality. Nothing to worry about at all, no crime records ever – at least I’ve never heard of any. In winter we’re like, Bithu Narayan temple thachi. This is a very old temple, I don’t know how old but believe me, this is ancient and still in use .Thachi forest area: -View of the opposite mountains of the village of Batwara in Thachi *: -If we want to dare then the hunt is not ** is not the option ** but we go anyway without bullet we never found anything to hunt: P, just for fun. View of the Thachi Government school grounds surrounded by a forest area on all four sides. * Thachi Bithu Narayan Temple: – * The devotees who bring their God through the forest with no idea what snow is and what winter is. This is what we call devotion: – * These are apple trees covered with fresh snow – Fresh morning after a snowy night * Don’t worry, the snow melts in a day and the roads are clear to drive in 2 hours: – ** In spring we are like on a cloud number 9 *, view of the village of Batwara: – Pack your bags and you can go in any of the ten directions and you will certainly find something new: – * In summer … * Most places do not they are not even known by the locals, let alone the others: – * The water is so clear that you can see a coin falling from 2 meters (the water in the photo is muddy because the photo was taken immediately after the rain). Chunjwala Temple near Thachi: : D * This waterfall is breathtaking *: – Don’t laugh, this is really a breathtaking waterfall. At this moment the waterfall is dry. You will not be able to see this waterfall anywhere because this waterfall is hidden from all directions until you only remove some bushes in front of you and there it is, the water that falls from the clouds. It is not possible to see the upper part of this waterfall, the water seems to come directly from the clouds. I’m not a good photographer I know, but you have to trust me. ** In the festival seasons we are as if we were like him. Celebrating Bithu Narayan Thachi Humm (local term for the feast of God) * Thachi Humm by night *. The whole night will go like this, standing around the temple and revolving around the temple with flambeau * I am hungry. This is our local dish. Google search: Trek Thachi Valley

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