What books are there in your library?

Let’s try to see. I have a list of books on stoicism, among which I will name my favorites. Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus, Frankl and Montaigne. Probably not very interesting for many of you. Instead they served me since there was no one else to listen to my complaints when I needed them. Don’t read Montaigne so by chance, you have to experience the disarray first. Ditto the others. Otherwise you won’t even know them. Then if I turn around, I’ll go to the founding fathers of the United States. Here I name some of my favorites that I have studied in detail like Washington, Hamilton and Franklin. Then Rockefeller, Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, Ford and Tesla. To create my character today I had to study psychology, so among my books you find Milgram, Skinner, John B. Watson, Sigmud Freud and Pavlov. For fun, since I never had a TV at home, I read Dostoevsky, Casanova, Sherlock Holmes and Tolstoy. Shakespeare I think I only read Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Julius Caesar. Only one remains in the library. The others disappeared somewhere. It will be the habit of giving things around. Then I have something about Adam Smith, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Voltaire. Candido is my favorite. Among other things, I also noticed a book in Italian that I had read at the time. Letter to a child never born of Oriana Fallaci. I have The Prince by Machiavelli, The De bello Gallico, Sun Tzu and a work by Carl von Clausewitz, my favorite. His name is Vom Kriege. I have the letters of Anton Chekhov in Russian, the Bible, some books of Aristotle, Plato and Thucydides. I have Malcolm X, Alex Haley and Frederick Douglass. My source of motivation in the past years. I also have Giulio Andreotti, The Worn Power and also the US Army FM 21-76 Survival Manual. You never know, when you are clandestine you have to know everything. So I also have the Italian constitution, the Jewish cabal and a book by Giorgio Armani on idiotic jerks or something like that. They are mixed together but I’m not worried. I have some books on how to do theater. They served me here in Italy because wherever they all go they do theater. So I said to myself, let’s see if I can do it too. Just gesticulate in the end. Everything is understandable. Certainly, I cannot miss contemporary books. Robert Greene, Nassim Taleb, Cialdini, Dan Ariely, Daniel Kahneman, Jared Diamond, Charles Munger and Warren Buffet. I also have books on Hip Hop culture like Tupac, Big Notorius, Eminem, Eazy-E, Death row records and Dr. I also have erotic books on BDSM, bondage, from kinky to vanilla, etc. They are not novels. No, no. I’d be bored, really !! I have a dictionary of the Italian language because I wanted to learn more about the doubles, but then I lost my desire. I chose English as it’s simpler and less deceptive. Problem solved. It doesn’t take you in the abstract how we like to use Italian here where everything always ends up in maybe it’s almost never in certain. I forgot instead about Steinbeck and Orwell. There are many others anyway. Sometimes I can’t recall them all from memory. You know, the Freudian slip. It happens to me too. I always take two steps back and forth, then I see one and sign it here, then I sit down again and start thinking about what else was nearby. Yes, Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. He could not miss it. Then I have a series of books on Italian cuisine. It’s funny. The first one I bought was called Single in the Kitchen. Things to do quickly, that today I wouldn’t even cook. Talk about burger, sandwiches and savory. No thanks. I don’t know, I have to stop somewhere. I would not be able to list all the books that are also found on my Kindle. At first sight they do not take up space but are so many. Here you can find some books I read in 2016, 2017 and 2018 while if you have other interesting ones to recommend, don’t hesitate to write to me.

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