Free firewall: which to choose?

When it comes to computer protection, we often talk about antivirus and antimalware software, but there is another security software that is equally important because it represents the first barrier to defense against the threats that come from Internet. It’s the firewall. If you are then looking to protect an internet-connected computer, or a set of computers on a computer network, you must have a firewall activated on your system. Windows has a built-in firewall in all versions, but if you are not satisfied, you can install a firewall of your choice. There are two options for installing a firewall: Look for a quality antivirus with a built-in firewall. Install standalone firewall software. This short article introduces you to the three best free firewalls that will help you block unauthorized access to your computer. The Operating Principle of a Firewall A computer connects to the internet through a network (a set of computers and servers connected to each other) in this communication each software or protocol uses a port as an entry point. An example: when you access a web page, behind the browser, there is a communication protocol (http) that uses port 80 to load the web page you requested, you may find it complicated but this which is important to remember is that every software that accesses an internet, it does so via a virtual port in the system. The importance of a firewall (also called a firewall, security gate, or firewall in English) is that it is able to scan all incoming / outgoing traffic via these ports, then it authorizes or refuses according to certain predefined criteria. Some firewalls allow you to customize and configure the type of communication to allow or block. Malware can exploit one of the open ports on your system to access your computer and personal files. A good firewall must be able to monitor and secure all ports on the system. You can now choose and install an effective firewall among this top 3 of the best free firewalls: Comodo Firewall Comodo is one of the best known companies that offers system security solutions. Its free firewall is a powerful program, rich in features and does a good job, it is integrated with Comodo Antivirus and it is available as a separate tool. Comodo Firewall provides complete protection against hacking attempts, malicious processes and keylogger, Trojans, and other types of online threats. The software monitors incoming / outgoing traffic at all open ports in the system. It also monitors the dll file library and program activities running in real time. Once installed, Comodo will generate pop-ups when it detects an application running on your computer. It’s up to you to block it or allow it to add to the trusted list or not. But thanks to a cloud database and a predefined list of more than two million bad apps, it can block malicious applications or allow programs from trusted sources. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2016 The ZoneAlarm firewall is quite simple, free and effective. It is responsible for monitoring all active software and processes on the computer, providing multilayer protection against hackers and malware. The features of ZoneAlarm firewall: The current version (2016) hides open ports by putting them in stealth mode to make the computer invisible to hackers. A good two-way firewall: all inbound / outbound traffic is monitored. Instantly control and block malware. Protection against hacking and identity theft in unsecured wifi networks. The software has a simple interface with many configurable parameters such as internet traffic monitoring, attachment checking, blocking pop-up messages and banner ads, etc. TinyWall If your computer runs out of resources or if you still use older versions of Windows, TinyWall is for you, it’s free, lightweight and …


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