Open a PayPal Account Without a Bank Card (VISA / MasterCard): How To?

Do you want to create a real PayPal account while you do not have a credit card? Wondering how to do it? You are lucky today because this article will explain you in a clear way How to Open / Create a PayPal Account without Credit Card. Indeed, I am currently receiving a lot of messages from our TutoGenial visitors asking me How to create a real PayPal account without necessarily having a VISA, MasterCard, … That’s how I decided to write this full article that will answer their question. Can we start now? Okay, let’s go ! First of all, what is PayPal? Simply PayPal is a company created in 1998 that offers is an online payment service to pay for purchases, receive payments, or send and receive money anywhere in the world. With PayPal, you will be able to make your financial transactions with incredible ease … It will be enough for an E-mail address and a password to be able for example to pay a Domain Name with any Registrar! Why want to create a PayPal account without a credit card? We may want to open a PayPal account without a Credit Card for various reasons; for example if our bank has not yet delivered it to us while we really need to make online transactions immediately or if we have a credit card and we just do not want to associate it with PayPal. You know what ? With a PayPal account (without Bank Card), you will be able to make payments or purchases online; you will also receive money from all over the world. This is useful for YouTubers or Bloggers who want to receive Donations from people who admire their work or for those who do stuff like Live Twitchs (they can also receive Donations from their fans) . In this case there will be no intervention of the Bank Card !! You may need a credit card if you want to withdraw (physical) money from the loan from your issuing bank … or if you want to credit your PayPal account yourself. Without this, your money will only be virtual! Well, enough talk is not it? Let’s turn now to Practice on How to open a PayPal account without a Credit Card … Here are the steps you will follow to the letter to Create your PayPal Account without Credit Card: 1- Go to the PayPal Official Website on this address: and click on Open an account for free. 2- Select the Individual Account (you are an individual I hope) and click Continue: 3- Fill in the different fields by your personal information: your Country, your First Name / Last Name, your E-mail Address (put your real address E-mail is very important) and choose your password. Complete the action by clicking Next. 4- Put also your additional information (your nationality, your Postal Code, your Telephone Number, …). Do not forget to accept the Terms of Use and the Regulation on the respect of the private life. Complete the action by clicking on Validate and open the account. 5- Pay attention now, this is the most important part that happens … Since you want to create your PayPal account without credit card, ignore the part “Buy with Paypal – First steps”. To do this, click on the PayPal Logo just at the top left of the page to redirect you to the home page of your account: 6- Congratulations! You have opened your PayPal account without a credit card. Enjoy Paypal by making your financial transactions online as you see fit. But before you get into euphoria, try to Confirm Your E-mail Address so that your account is validated and operational (remember: I told you to put your real E-mail address, unless you are doing so). little adventure, in this case you can use a Temporary Mail Address). In conclusion … Once again I congratulate you for having opened your PayPal account without credit card. From now on, you will be able to receive money directly into your account, make Payments / Purchases online, etc. etc. Thank you for paying attention to this article.


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