Best Multilevel Marketing Companies in Brazil 2018

The year 2018 will be very special when we talk about Multilevel Marketing. Brazilian companies are increasingly structured and offering excellent benefits to their associates. Undoubtedly we are facing a great moment for the industry and as a result, we have prepared the Ranking with the Best Multilevel Marketing Companies in Brazil in 2018. If your company is part of this group, show your pride and share so that all can see the grandeur of your business. Check out our list. 1. Hinode Group Hinode is the largest Multilevel Marketing Company in Brazil. The numbers show it. No wonder the company was elected company of the year 2017 in the current cosmetic award. With a large structure and excellent quality products (some major award winners as well), Hinode has merited this position as the largest Multilevel Marketing Company in Brazil to work in 2018. 2. i9life i9life is another major company in the world. segment that does a simply fantastic job. With an incredible Marketing Plan, i9 has quickly become a reference within this market. The company that started its international expansion has great possibilities to capture part of this crowded market in Brazil. At the end of 2017 the company launched at its National Convention more than 90 new products that will increase its product mix to 2018. 3. Amakha Paris Amakha Paris is undoubtedly the revelation company of the year 2018. It started in July 2017 and already reaches the 3rd position in the ranking. The company in such a short time has already become the 2nd company in the segment in revenues here in Brazil. The reason for Amakha’s success is due to the simplicity of its Plan and Products. Regarding the plan it is very simplified, where the company has summarized practically all bonuses in just 2 forms of earnings and some more rewards. Also, the business is all unlocked. The flagship products are the 15ml mini perfumes. You buy these perfumes for $ 15 and resell for $ 30. At affordable value sales happen at a giant speed. They are Parfum and have a 24h fixture according to the company. 4. Racco Racco was in the pre-marketing phase of its performance in the Multilevel Marketing model and officially launched on March 11th with a major opening event for more than 5,000 consultants. Starting in this way only proves the strength of the brand that already operates in the Direct Sales segment for over 30 years and promises to be one of the big names of MMN in the coming years. Due to the strength of the brand and the immense demand that Racco has been conquering, it has already conquered the fourth position in our ranking. 5. Polishop Polishop is once again on our list of recommended companies to work with in 2018 through its Polishop channel with you. Polishop is already a consolidated company in a segment that has been operating since 2011. The drop to fourth position is due to the company losing several leaders this year. Leaders unhappy with base gains. The company has announced that it will make significant changes to the Plan. Now is wait and see. See also: Bitrading 888 Weenzee Company


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