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All-time best-viewed filmsThe most rated films by members AlloCine Best films by press Best documentaries Best box office films The worst films Best documentaries according to the press Filters By production year 2010 – 2019 2000 – 2009 Country : Spain 1 During the American Civil War, Tuco, Joe and Setenza, three men preferring to take an interest in their personal profit, search for a chest containing $ 200,000 in gold coins stolen from the country. Southern army. Everyone needs the other … 2 Colonel Douglas Mortimer is working with a bounty hunter nicknamed L “http: // ” Foreign. “Both want to capture Indio, a crazy killer, who sows terror around him 3 1974, Buenos Aires Benjamin Esposito investigates the violent murder of a young woman 25 years later, he decides to write a novel based on this case ” “Two rival clans attempt to give themselves the services of a lonely cowboy.” 1914, the Great War threatens to break out as the world collapses. powerful Ottoman Empire In Constantinople, Michael, a young Armenian medical student and Chris, an American photographer, are fighting over the beautiful Ana 6 The story of a family caught up in one of the most terrible natural disasters. tells how a couple and their children on vacation in Thailand are separated by the tsu December 26, 2004. Conor has more and more difficulty coping with her mother’s illness, bullying of her classmates, and the steadfastness of her grandmother. Every night, to escape his daily life, he escapes into an imaginary world inhabited by extraordinary creatures. 8 The last march of the 317th section which, during the battle of Dien Bien Phu, receives its order of retreat. The section is composed of forty-one Laotian deputies and four Frenchmen. Eight days later, the 317th section no longer exists … 9 Originally from Guatemala, Juan, Sara and Samuel yearn for a better life and try to reach the United States. During their trek through Mexico, they meet Chauk, an Indian from Chiapas who does not speak Spanish and who joins them. Julieta is about to leave Madrid permanently when a chance encounter with Bea, the childhood friend of her daughter Antía pushes her to change her plans. Bea tells her that she met Antía a week earlier. Top Trailers Angry Birds: Cuckolds as Pigs Trailer VF Shaun the Sheep Movie: The Farm Against Attack Trailer VF Sponsored Little Monsters Trailer (2) VO Queens Trailer VO Vitis Prohibita Trailer VF Matthias & Maxime Trailer VF Trailers Must See Top box office movies 2. Gemini Man 3. Alice and the Mayor 4. I’ll go where you go 5. Downton Abbey 6. Ad Astra 7. Rambo: Last Blood 8. That: Chapter 2 9. School Life 10. A Rainy Day in New York Films Coming to the Movie Theater Shaun the Sheep Film: The Farmhouse Maleficent Counter-Attack: The Power of Evil The Truth if I’m lying! Fahim Out Of The Norms Angry Birds: Queens Piggy Pals The Frozen 2 I Accuse The Upcoming Most Viewed Movies


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