The best holiday destinations for young people

With the arrival of summer, the word vacations is the one that is most round in our head. It is that time of the year when worries and stress are forgotten and we only enjoy ourselves. It may happen that you already have the place chosen because it is a long-planned trip. However, if you are looking for ideas, what better than some suggestions of the best holiday destinations for young people. Holiday destination for young people in Spain Many times we fantasize about knowing territories far from our home. It is true that traveling by plane, discovering other cultures or taking a cruise are wonderful experiences. However, Spain is a country that has everything, both on the peninsula and on the islands. So, if you have not yet decided where you are going to go on your next license, discover the best vacation destinations for young people in Spain. 1. Cíes Islands, Pontevedra When talking about islands in Spain, everyone thinks of the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands. But, what few remember or know are the Cíes. This archipelago, located in the province of Pontevedra, is one of the holiday destinations for young people in Spain that will pleasantly surprise you. In the Cíes Islands you can enjoy 9 beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters. All accompanied by a view of an exquisite natural place to relax. If you are a born adventurer, in Las Cíes you can also make spectacular hiking trails surrounded by flora and fauna. So that the trip is 10, even if only one night, overnight in the archipelago. You should know that the only accommodation on the islands is a campsite. It has the recognition of green camping. Read also: What to see in Galicia: the best places to visit 2. Júzcar, Málaga Júzcar is one of the smallest towns in all of Spain. Only 225 inhabitants live there. Since 2011 he is known as ‘the people of the Smurfs’. What began as a casual thing for the town, has made it known worldwide for its blue facades. In June 2011, coinciding with the premiere of the movie ‘Los Pitufos’, a Madrid company had the idea of ​​painting the facade of all the houses in blue. After the success of the premier and the tourists who began to receive the town, in December of the same year, the people of Juárez voted for their houses to continue painted blue, instead of returning to the previous target. 3. Tenerife Another of the holiday destinations for young people within the Spanish territory is Tenerife. This island of the Canarian archipelago offers you an ambience to party, especially if you go up to the carnival. Also, the beaches will allow you to catch magnificent waves if you like surfing. You can also dive and take a refreshing bath. Once in Tenerife, it is a must to climb the Teide. Once there, you will be 3,718 meters high and you will find yourself at the highest point of the entire Spanish territory. Read also: The best amusement parks in Spain 4. Peratallada, Gerona In case you like the medieval roll, in Peratallada you can spend a few days on vacation that you will never forget. This town of Bajo Ampurdán grants the title of the Historic-Artistic Complex because its medieval architecture is one of the best preserved in all of Catalonia. The walls, the Romanesque church, the fortified castle and the Peratallada moat will make you move centuries back in time and that you can take some beautiful photos while walking through its narrow cobbled streets. 5. Jávea, Alicante Jávea or Xàbia is located north of the Alicante capital. In this coastal town you can bathe in the Mediterranean in one of the best maintained beaches in all of Spain, the beach of Granadella. In fact, you can hire a guided kayak tour, in addition to diving. Walking through the streets of the historic center of Jávea will also be another attraction of the Alicante town. Once there, do not deprive yourself of sitting on a terrace to enjoy a good paella with socarraet and aioli. 6. Bilbao, the Basque Country There are more and more young people who, when they think of vacations, want more than beach and party. Bilbao is a city that…


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