The 9 best places around the world to eat meat (PHOTOS)

Sergio Carbajo / MINUBESIf you are a true meat lover, this is your list. From traditional American barbecues to the finest Japanese meat; The combination of fresh meat and fire is a universal tradition that we can find anywhere on the planet. If you are a globetrotting carnivore, it will make your mouth water. Little done, to the point or very done? Yours is the choice, and then we present the best proposals according to the travelers of the minube community, to know where to eat the best meat in the world. Takayama, Japan Japan is known internationally for its famous and award-winning Kobe meat, although the real meat masters know that the best variety is found in Takayama, a town in Gifu prefecture, home of the incredible veal of Hida. This pink meat, which in many local restaurants can be grilled by the diner himself at his own table, can be accompanied by vegetables, regional sauces and, of course, a good shot of sake. Sergio Carbajo’s photoSee more photos of Takayama Do you want anything to happen to you? Receive every day the most important of today. And on Saturdays, the best virals and cultural items. Newsletters may contain content or personalized advertising. I want to know more Twitter Facebook Instagram 2. Sardinia, Italy The Mediterranean island of Sardinia is known by everyone as a popular sun and beach tourist destination. However, the horny traveler will find inside the island one of the most succulent and ancient culinary traditions: Su Porcheddu. If you want to eat the best pork cooked in the traditional way, roasted whole and served in its own sauce, you will have to enter the local restaurants in the interior of Sardinia. Photo of NaxosSee more photos of Sardinia3. Buenos Aires, Argentina Perhaps there is no better place in the world to eat meat than in Argentina, a country where barbecues are part of its culture, making it one of the world’s leading meat producers and home to the most impressive barbecues. During the local festivities, both in Buenos Aires and in other cities and towns of the country, impressive rows of beef and lamb are roasted over low heat leaving as a trace a lot of smoking ashes. Marímag PhotoSee more photos of Buenos Aires4. Nairobi, Kenya Kenya is the African capital of meat, being its national dish the nyama choma, or what is the same, grilled meat. One of the most visited and, of course, most famous restaurants in Nairobi is the legendary Carnivore which, as its name implies, has meat as a strong point. It is an outdoor grill that serves from classics such as pork, cow or chicken, to more exotic meats such as crocodile, wild boar or camel. Photo of TaniaSee more photos of Nairobi5. Xian, China If you like to take your time and eat every cut in the open air, there is no better place than the streets of Xian in China. Meat lovers will have their chance in this multicultural city, which offers in its Muslim neighborhood the best street stalls, synonymous with good quality at a low price. In this non-tourist area you can try lamb or veal kebab-style meats, seasoned with a wide variety of spices and sauces from distant Asia. Photo by David EstebanSee more photos of Xian6. Segovia, Spain Of course, one of Spain’s most famous dishes, the piglet, and what better place to eat it than in Segovia could not be missing. Just for the visit to the internationally known Casa Cándido Inn is it worth a trip around this beautiful city. The piglet is simply baked, only with a couple of sprigs of thyme and a little white wine, but still this centennial restaurant makes a last minute reservation difficult, since it always manages to be full. And for something it will be. Photo by Ali PedreSee more photos of Segovia7. Montevideo, Uruguay The fact of being a neighbor of Argentina does not prevent Uruguay from having an ancestral barbecue tradition. Uruguayan roasts are famous for being more a social act than a meal in itself, so they are always taken with friends. Montevideo offers the visitor …


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