The 5 best cuts of meat for roast

I consider myself a meat fan, and if it’s grilled much better! In my house the roast is inevitable, even more so if there is a game in between, and since I am not so soccer player over time I have learned to handle myself on the grid while the men watch football. Although there are an infinite number of cuts that can be put on the grill, I will name my 5 favorites 1. The entrails: This skinny piece of meat is inevitable to peck while roasting the rest of the things on the grill. It has a very particular flavor and although its texture is quite fibrous it makes water in the mouth. The important thing with this cut is not to go over with the cooking since otherwise it is hard and loses all its flavor, another important thing is to eat it fresh from the grill since once its flavor cools it changes dramatically. 2. The Picana tip: I like this cut because it has low fat but is also very tasty. The grace of this cut is that it is done slowly on the grill, going round and round for a long time. The most important thing with this cut, like others, is that it should be put whole on the grill. Try not to use the knife until ready to serve, so you will not lose a drop of juice. 3. Over-rib: This cut became very famous some time ago when the cuts began arriving from the US. It is more well known for the American roast, but the truth is that even if it is not from the US, the over-rib is very tasty. The grace of this cut is that it has a little fat, which gives it a very good flavor. It is also not very thick, so cooking is quite fast. 4. Roast strip: This cut is special for those who love the bones. It is a very tasty and fibrous meat. It is important to eat this meat fresh from the grill because it contains a good amount of fat which, when cooled, makes it very heavy and changes its flavor. 5. Loin vetoed: With this cut is to go to safety. It has just the right amount of fat which gives it an unparalleled flavor. It should be cooked preferably without cutting, slowly turning it around and around so that it cooks slowly. It will be very juicy and soft, so much that you will even think it dissolves in your mouth! Photo CC Via Photopedia


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