The best theater shows in Paris and Île-de-France

From November 15, 2016 to October 31, 2019. Three women divorce and share the same apartment: Stephanie d ‘Humilly Malanpry the “bourgeois”, Mary Bybowl lazy and Brigitte the countrywoman. From September 12, 2018. Three men a little dropped, literally as well as figuratively, confess. They go through the couple’s daily checkups. Comedians break the codes and renew the genre. From February 3, 2018 to December 30, 2019. Two friends settle in Paris to become actors and look for a roommate to pay the rent, and more if affinities … That’s when Jean-Phil arrives, arriving straight from the Marais. From September 28, 2019 to January 19, 2020. Today, nothing goes, for Pierre and Anne-Laure, after five years of life together. Pierre is an adult who refuses to grow up and enter the system. Schedule: Every day except Sunday, Monday: 21h. Additional Saturday at 4 pm .. From September 26, 2019 to December 21, 2019. An interactive police comedy. A murder is committed every night and it is up to the public to resolve the investigation … From October 12, 2019 to December 29, 2019. Aude Duhamel loves Brassens, and she is not the only one. All generations are touched by texts and melodies now immortal. From September 15, 2016. Paris, December 1897. Edmond Rostand has not written anything for two years. In desperation, he offers the great Constant Coquelin a new play. Only concern: it is not written yet … From September 7, 2019 to January 5, 2020. 1888. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate the death of Charles Mac Carthy … Three actors, nine characters, one murderer! From 19 July 2018. The Faux British team (Molière de la Comédie 2016 and 2018) has a repeat! This time, no police investigation led by false amateurs but a bank robbery led by real broken arms … From October 9, 2019 to February 1, 2020. Between tribute and fine mockery, 12 actors-singers-musicians divert with humor the big hits of pop culture! From November 23, 2018. Tired of men who promise him the moon and offer him not even the shadow of the stars, Mirabelle decides to do, too, in adventures with no tomorrow. From June 22, 2019 to January 5, 2020. The parents of Alexander are angry forever. On the occasion of his 30th birthday, he wishes to ask them to be the witnesses of his marriage. From October 3, 2019 to January 25, 2020. Sixty years of women’s status revisited with humor for men and women to finally advance together! Can feminism be funny? Starting September 23, 2017. A play for teens by teens! A comic exploration of a universe both punctual and mysterious! Adolescence, nobody understands nothing, so it’s better to laugh! From October 3, 2019 to January 5, 2020. Twelve men, during a trial, are responsible for trying a young man accused of parricide. For eleven of them his guilt is obvious. But a juror will cast doubts. From October 16, 2019 to December 20, 2019. Paris, 1942. The wearing of the yellow star is decreed. Joseph Haffmann offers his employee to entrust his jewelry, if he agrees to hide it until the situation improves … From September 15, 2018 to January 5, 2020. Four generations of women succeed in a journey that extends from the fight for abortion to assisted procreation. Will they be able to transmit to their descendants this taste of freedom? From August 3, 2019 to December 28, 2019. Bernard and Philippe are the best friends of the world. Bernard is married, but he is unfaithful. His wife is at risk of discovering his differences, Bernard then asks Philippe to cover him … From September 11, 2019 to November 24, 2019. Three men suddenly see their friendship shake when Serge acquires a monochrome painting to a sum deemed exorbitant by his friends … From October 18, 2019. After their meeting due to a photo found in a stolen bag, December will tell Avril the story of Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, inventor and magician of the nineteenth century … From January 23, 2019. The behavior of Parisians challenges you? Follow the training “How to become …


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