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Before subscribing to an Internet or mobile subscription, we have already wondered what is the best Internet or mobile operator in France. Better quality of service, better network coverage, better prices, we compared the data of each operator. Internet Box subscription – Mobile package: 09 75 18 80 51 (Monday-Friday 9 am-9pm, Saturday 10 am-7 pm) Call me back for free. The best Internet operator in France It is difficult to define THE best Internet operator since many criteria can be taken into account such as the price of subscriptions but also the quality of access to the network. The best Internet operator according to the price In France, the Internet offers of the network operators are available for a price between 22.99 € / month and 56 € / month, excluding promotions. Minimum rental rate 35 € / month 36.99 € / month 22.99 € / month 29.99 € / month Maximum price 56 € / month 55.99 € / month 37.99 € / month 35.98 € / month mid price € 44.67 / month € 46.16 / month € 31.32 / month € 31.99 / month Source: Operators’ site Concerning the prices of Internet subscriptions, the best Internet operator in 2017 is Bouygues Telecom with offers the cheapest. Indeed, the operator’s Bbox is available for 22.99 € / month. The lowest average price is that of Bouygues Telecom. To subscribe to a cheap Bouygues Telecom Internet offer, call 09 87 67 18 00 or ask to be called back for free. One can say that this operator is the best Internet operator in terms of accessibility unlike the incumbent operator. offers the highest rates. The best Internet operator in terms of network quality QoS measurement is defined as the time taken to commission Internet access, the reported failure rate and the repair time required. How many days to wait for the commissioning of Internet access? Not all internet service providers offer FTTLA fiber offerings. This is the case for Orange and Free. The data concerning the time-limits for putting FTTH fiber access into service have not been communicated. It is however possible to compare the operators’ figures for the DSL (ADSL and VDSL). In addition to offering cheap Internet offers, Bouygues Telecom is faster for commissioning. It is thus the best Internet operator for this criterion. SFR is also doing well with one day more than its competitor. To find out which technology you are eligible for, call 09 75 18 80 51 or ask to be called back for free by a Selectra advisor. In which operator are there fewer failures? In addition to offering relatively short commissioning times, the failure rate reported at SFR is the lowest. Which makes the red square the best Internet operator. Bouygues Telecom has a higher outage rate. Reported failure rates Technology Within 1 month of in-service DSL 9.4% 17% 16.7% 15% THD 4.3% Unavailable 10.5% Not Available FTTH 4.2% 4.7% 9, 6% 5.6% From the 2nd month after commissioning DSL 0.7% 1.4% 1% 1.3% THD 0.9% Not Available 2.3% Not Available FTTH 1.9% 1.1 % 3.6% 1.6% Source: ARCEP Which operator repairs faults the fastest? If fixed subscribers of SFR encounter fewer breakdowns, when they face them, they must take their trouble. Indeed, the average repair time of a breakdown is 35 days, more than a month! Orange is in the opposite case: many breakdowns but repaired very quickly. The best mobile operator in France As for the best Internet operator, the best operator in France can be defined by different criteria. We find the quality of the mobile service, the price as well as the coverage of the mobile network. The best mobile operator according to the price If the quality of the network is not at the rendezvous, the prices at Free are among the most interesting. On the contrary, the quality of Orange’s mobile service justifies the high prices of subscriptions. € 12.99 / month € 9.99 / month € 159.99 / month Average price 59,98 € / month 61,99 € / month 34,29 € / month 10,99 € / month Source: Operators website The best mobile operator in terms of mobile coverage Unsurprisingly, Orange is the best mobile operator in terms of mobile coverage Regarding mobile coverage, whether in 2G, 3G and 4G. SFR …


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