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Download the first chapter of the book Become Rich Receive 60 € (Boursorama Sponsorship) by clicking here and a free ebook “… for the rest there is creditCard” It may seem paradoxical on a blog called “Rich Spirit” to talk about everything that can not buy money but it is very related to my approach and my blog. To balance what I said in a post titled “Why want to be rich”, here are some elements: it is a question of balance.How do you want to live better without first, enjoy the things of life? Maslow’s pyramid is often used to talk about needs: The more our basic needs are met, the more we can devote ourselves to external things. does not appear directly in this pyramid and it is often said that it does not make happiness (but it contributes, I know!). If you read a blog like mine is that you have at least satisfied the 3 levels of this pyramid: Health, safety and a certain social recognition.Developing self-esteem and pursuing self-realization should not make you lose sight of the things in life! financial, there will always be things that money can not buy; contrary to what our company of hyperconsumption wants to make believe.The things that one can not buy have become considerably rarefied.The race after his career A few years ago, I had a discussion with a person who had placed his career in high priority. He was a friend of my parents who we served and offered us access to his pool in exchange. It was also a way for him to have some people at home. He worked in the construction of roads. He was in charge of the construction sites and had to move constantly. He traveled a lot and spent a lot of time on the road between his yards. When one site ended, another started. He did not see his children grow (or so little) and did not create special bonds with them so they never came to see him. He understood and was very sad. He regretted his choice of careers but justified the fact that his children had had a ski holiday (something that I had very late!) And trips (like) .This discussion really impressed me and I was very touched by the regrets he expressed but what is sad in the story is that there was nothing more to do: it was too late. All the money in the world can not buy them. missed moments with your loved ones. “Wait a minute!” Alongside your journey to better living, here are the things you should do regularly to feel life! Laugh! A day spent without laughter is an average day. Everyone agrees that laughter is good for your health and your spirit. If you are not in a job or you can laugh during the day try to arrange this by meeting people who like to laugh.Take the time to laugh or make others laugh! Think! To compensate for the syndrome “Head in the handlebars “that everyone can feel regardless of their job or their social level, it is important to think.Yes to think! You will think (precisely) that you are already thinking in the day, but here I am talking about deep thoughts. Reflections on oneself or the world. No need to be a philosopher but take a few minutes each day to think.To do this exercise well you have to isolate yourself in a quiet place and close your eyes for 10 or 15 minutes. In addition it is relaxing! Talk! If there is a stimulating and beneficial activity it is the one which consists in discussing. Exchanging and discussing with others is always interesting. Still, it is an activity that must be practiced every day. Contrary to what one may think, it is not easy for most of us to have a discussion (other than a purely professional one) with someone else every day. web trades, many people do not necessarily have the opportunity to chat every day.Clubs, associations, friends, the means are not lacking! And the rest! These 3 activities can not be bought and summarize all that what you…


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