The 7 best VPNs (FREE) that work in 2019

Free VPNs cost nothing for a good reason: you always end up paying in one way or another. You deserve better than limited data, annoying ads and dangerous malware. We have tested more than 100 free VPNs and have found 7 that will provide you with fast speed, excellent streaming and reliable security. Share Online privacy is a right that should be free. Our 7 free VPN recommendations guarantee secure, anonymous and free browsing with no hidden fees. Just download your free VPN and login. Generally, the choice between a free product and a paid product is obvious. Why pay for a service you can get for free? However, when it comes to VPN, it’s not always so clear. After all, nothing is free in this world: you always end up paying in one way or another. With free VPNs, the price can be slowed down, annoying ads, dangerous malware or even stealing your data. The obvious tips used by free VPN VPN providers use a very simple trick: they limit their free version to push you to pay for the full version. Obviously, when you’re fed up with buffering, limited servers and the lack of Netflix, you’ll be more likely to pay for a fully functional service. The best free VPNs offer a service of almost equal quality. By the way, you probably will not need to upgrade to a paid version. The free VPNs that we recommend will allow you to: Access geo-secure content (ie content blocked by your location) to benefit from ultra-fast connection speed to navigate with confidence knowing that your data is not saved The best free VPN NordVPN: Ideal if you are traveling for less than a month or want to take your first steps in the world of VPN Hotspot Shield: stable, fast and well established VPN if you do not no need for streaming. Windscribe: Ideal if you are a bit of streaming and do not mind having to wait while buffering. An excellent choice if you do not need a VPN for Proton torrenting: secure VPN with unlimited data but no possibility of torrenting Opera: An excellent free VPN, but that only works with a TunnelBear browser: A solid choice if you are security conscious and do not need a large amount of data What is the trap of free VPNs? Most free VPNs have limitations, such as limited server choice, slow connection, or limited use of data. Over 65% of free VPNs we tested do not support streaming or torrenting, and some offer deliberately slow connection speeds. Even if you pay nothing, your experience will probably be frustrating. Free VPNs make you think you’re getting a product for free. However, in some cases, the product is you. Indeed, many users have reported that some free VPN services steal their personal information to sell to third parties. This raises another problem. In theory, even a free VPN should guarantee your anonymity online. In practice, only a really secure VPN will actually do it. Unfortunately, many free VPNs pose serious risks to your security. Your information can only be sold if it is kept. Many free services do not apply a policy without logs, which means that they are likely to track your data and compromise your privacy. Free services are also known for spam, advertisements and malware. What we discovered about free VPNs We tested hundreds of free VPN offers and some seemed a bit too good to be true, which did not fail to arouse our suspicions. We therefore conducted the survey of the least realistic suppliers. What was our surprise that many free VPNs belong to China! Yes, the same Chinese government that imposes the most stringent censorship laws in the world! …


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