The best meats in Santiago

A few weeks ago, Churrasco Day was celebrated and that is why we want to recommend where to eat the best meat in the city. EL FOGÓN DE MOMO – Av. Condell 806, Providencia We begin our tour in the commune of Providencia, in El Fogón de Momo. It is a cozy restaurant where we can enjoy the flavors and aromas of Chilean meat in a simple atmosphere. The attention is first level and is known for working with meats and top-notch ingredients. In his letter we find exquisite cuts such as sausage steak, deer sausages, quadroll tail and entrails, but the one that you should definitely not miss is the roast of strip, which without fear we can say that it is one of the best of Santiago. Try it now by reserving your table here with Mesa 24/7. EL FOGÓN DEL LEÑADOR – Caletera General San Martín Poniente Paradero 23 ½ S / N Chicureo, Colina We go a little further north of the city, to Chicureo, to reach El Fogón de Leñador, a family tradition restaurant whose origin dates back in 1998 in the city of Puerto Montt and that has been in Chicureo for 10 years. The Fogón del Leñador is a cozy and ideal restaurant to enjoy with the family, not only for the surroundings (it is in a centennial park where children can play freely), but in its menu we find a great variety of cuts of the best meats for enjoy grilled, sausages and smoked, which they bring directly from the family factory in the south of the country. If you are looking for a good family meal, El Fogón del Leñador is your place and the best of all is that with Mesa 24/7 you can reserve space in just one click. BADALÚ – Av. Italia 1228, Providencia Badalú is a bar in the heart of the Italia neighborhood where a varied menu, author’s cocktail bar at a reasonable price and an environment that transports us directly to the 40-60 years come together. In Badalú we can find everything from hamburgers and tartars to ceviches and tables, which we recommend accompanying one of its 13 author drinks while enjoying a stand-up comedy or swing or blues night (Fridays and Saturdays). In addition, during the week they have background menus, such as the one in the image (lentil soup, churrasco with rice and Creole salad and dessert rice pudding). Do not miss it and book now in Badalú here. Comments comments Traveling the world with Mesa 24/7 ← New income – November Edition →


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